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  • Hi all

    Hello everyone,
    I joined last week and already have found some interesting stuff on here. I live in Australia, so different names for the drops. But I am desperate to find a drop that works. I have had dry eyes for about 10 years now, and needless to say they are getting worse, paryticularly at night, my eyelid sticks to my eye,they are always red, sore and inflamed, people are always asking if I have been crying. I use SYSTANE at the moment but my vision becomes very blury, I have tried bion tears but they are too watery for me now, any suggestions??? Visco tears makes my eyes even redder??? I am taking flaxseed oil capsules, given up caffiene (very Boring). I am open to alternative therapies??

    Anyway it is great to read about others that have the same problem, I don't think people with normal tears have any idea how uncomfortable it is to have dry eyes.

    Thanks and talk to you all soon! Jo

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    How about Genteal Gel?

    Hi Jo,

    Welcome to the group. Have you used Genteal Gel? You can find it in Australia as I just ordered it from a company there! We cannot hardly find it anymore in the US - hopefully it is coming back. Genteal is a thicker drop but doesn't cause alot of blurring, at least for me anyway. I use it at night, and now that I have a stash - I'm being more liberal with it. I ordered from an online pharmacy in Adelaide I think. I was pleased with their service.

    Alot of us swear by this drop - you might want to try a tube.

    Good Luck!



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      Thanks Lori,
      I have just hunted around in my box of goodies and found a tube, I have so many different drops!!! I will give them a go, I hope supplies keep up for you guys in the US.
      Thanks again


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        Welcome JoM

        I just read your post and welcome to the site, you will see many posts from me I have had Dry Eyes for 2 years also diagnosed with MGD, since almost nothing works for me and I have tried tons of drops I also suggest you do warm compresses to get that oil flowing properly in your eyes, do this as many times a day as needed. I like to take a wash cloth and run it under hot water, as hot as I can take it and close my eyes and do this many times until I can feel the mucus start to melt. Your vision will be blurry but that is because the natural oil is coming out, flush out your eyes with an artifical tear you will notice the difference after you do this. There are other ways to do these warm compresses just read others posts, some use rice baggies in panty hose in the microwave and other methods as well.
        Also have you tried the NAC Gluth combo? You can get this at GNC or other nutrition stores, it is called N-Acetyl-L-Cysteine take one of these they are 600mgs and the L-Glutathione these are 50mgs, they stopped putting these together which was really easy to take and now I have to take them seperate, if you can find the combo in one pill it will be easier, but this combo is a mucus thinner and helps the natural flow of oil in your eyes, I have noticed a little change since I started taking this combo 2 months ago. I have tried the GenTeal and it did nothing for me; I thought that the GenTeal was way to thick even more than the Systane, also try the NutrTear from this site, I love it Good Luck and Best wishes Delilah


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          To JoM re: eyelids sticking to eye at night

          Your problem seems to be the problem of so many of us here. I personally couldn't live without the GenTeal gel at night. So many mornings I would wake up in agony until I discovered it. It is interesting about the Systane, as I find that to be the same with me. I get good relief from it, but it makes my eyes very blurry when I first use it. But then it goes away. Glad you found your tube of GenTeal. It should be readily available for you there.



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            genteal gel

            Thanks for your suggestions. I have been using the genteal gel since your suggestion and it seems to be working much better than the Systane, I am just hoping we don't run out over here (Aust). At the moment it is in most pharmacies that i have visited. I am working on finding that supplement as well, the warm compress does make a difference, which I must admit, I didn't have much faith in it. So thank you guys for your help. I will keep you updated on anything new over here, but I think you guys get most things first



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              3 words:


              and no, it's not clad promotion.


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                Hi Jo
                Kiaora from New Zealand! You may be interested to try Alcon Poly Gel(preservative free) that is new out here. (Australian I think) I use it in the day (do one eye and then the other eye a little later to keep clear vision) for more lasting effect and it is not too blurry for me, and I use it at night too, though I put in extra drops in the night when I wake, though the little tubes are harder to squeeze than others. A good alternative to Genteal Gel. I found Bion tears too thin too.
                I feel I am having some success with Testosterone cream (3%) from my GP, but I am female and menopausal!!! I put it on my eyelids, each day after my shower in the evening. Early days yet but I am hoping it is not a one day wonder!! (A big thank you to Jcorbett for your help.)
                I used Viscotears night and day before I found this BB but I have since read that is cytotoxic(is that the right word?) if used frequently for a long time. Cetrimide is the preservative.
                However I do love the hot compresses, the hot shower, and hot steamy pots when I am cooking. Hand-washing dishes over a steamy sink is good too!
                When the going gets tough - the tough get going!


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                  Dotanne - you stated you put testosterone cream on your eyelids once a day after your evening shower. Have you tried using it in the morning? I really don't know if it instructions say to use it twice a day, so I am thinking it it is a 12 hour thing.
                  I use it once a day in the morning. I was using it twice a day, but didn't seem to really notice that much of a difference but putting it on before bed.
                  But, of course, everyone is different.......
                  Glad I could help.


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                    by JoM:
                    I will keep you updated on anything new over here, but I think you guys get most things first
                    We try . Hi JoM and welcome. This is an incredibly motivated, diverse community. I am continually amazed at the quality of dry eye research our members dig up and the many helpful suggestions our members offer, often from first-hand experience, to each other. I don't mean to be 'un-humble' but, WE ROCK .

                    "People may not always remember exactly what you said or what you did, but they will always remember how you made them feel." ~ Unknown


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                      Originally posted by Cindy
                      WE ROCK .
                      we certainly do. and coming from the coolest member here, me, that's saying something.


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                        by Homes:
                        coming from the coolest member here, me, that's saying something.
                        Stand in line, toots. I've been cool and ROCKED long before you were born . You're still cute.

                        "People may not always remember exactly what you said or what you did, but they will always remember how you made them feel." ~ Unknown


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                          Kiaora Dotanne

                          Hi everyone,

                          Kiarora to you Dotanne, I lived in Dunedin for 15 months, we loved it there, a beautiful country, very friendly people! I have never heard of the testosterone cream??? I will ask my opthalomologist. I have used cortisone drops, but they don't seem to do much and they cause cataracts after long term use
                          I have some of the poly gel, they seem to irritate my eyes, but it has been awhile since I used them and now looking in the mirror after a weekend in Sydney, lots of smog and heating in the hotel room, I have very red sore eyes, very attractive look, I must say!
                          Yes I would have to agree with you all, even though we all have red, dry, sore eyes, we are pretty cool, so glad I found this site, I think my husband thinks I am a bit of an exaggerator when it comes to the eyes, so it is so nice to chat to others that are in the same boat.
                          Have a good day
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                            Hi Jo
                            I learnt about the testosterone cream from jcorbett and further research on Google. Refer to jcorbett's post in 'Share your experience with prescription drug treatments.'

                            I have been given some Flucon steroid drops but have been very reluctant to use them because they say steroid drops can cause cataracts and raise IOP pressure (ie glaucoma) and pressure needs to be checked every 10 days or so! Scary stuff.

                            I don't think anyone can understand dry eyes until they experience the awful discomfort that is with you nearly all the time. You can never forget about your eyes - and to think I had never heard of it until I had Lasik.
                            I was so relieved when I found this BB, and it has helped me lots as I read of others with similar troubles, with some humour thrown in here and there. It feels like you are all good friends now and I really look forward to each bit of news about research as it is hope that keeps me going. I love the humour that pops up too!!
                            I live near a little country village, 2 hours drive north of Auckland. We have a dairy farm and grow kumara (sweet potatoes). It is nice and damp here and not too cold. A good place for a holiday for those with dry eyes!
                            Good luck Jo!
                            When the going gets tough - the tough get going!


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                              I will definitely talk to my Dr re the testosterone cream Dotanne, I am seeing him in a couple of weeks. Yes it is great to talk with others that have the same problems and do realise you aren't just a whinger!! I never realised Lasik caused dry eye until I found this website........I have been trying to get my husband to have it done, didn't realise what the side effects are. Well I hope you have a great day in NZ, keep those Kumaras coming, MmmmMMm