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  • detergent in eye

    Hello anyone - any ideas on how to relieve pain and burning from clothes detergent that I splashed in my eye this morning. I flushed with water and eye wash, but still can barely open it and the burn/irritation is awful. Anyone have any useful tips on how to speed up relief. I know it will eventually go away, but I sure could use something faster.

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    Been there. In fact I once put Lobo Extra Strength Cleaner directly in my eye by accident (grabbed the wrong bottle...) in a hotel room. I'd avoid water if possible and do rinses with Unisol, plus use Dwelle every hour or two. Hot compresses too maybe. Cold ones make my eyes feel better if they're really irritated.

    Good luck. What a nuisance.
    Rebecca Petris
    The Dry Eye Foundation


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      Detergent in eye

      Thanks Rebecca - I will try the Dwelle and I have some Ocusoft eye wash (preservative free vials) that seem to help some. But I feel like a rock is in my eye and there is a strange layer of mucous coating my eye - very blurry - defensive wetting maybe. At least I only had a drop (felt like the whole bottle!), not like what you did. You'd think I would be more careful considering what a pain my eyes are anyway.


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        Oh, Gaye I'm so sorry...Sounds like you have done all that you can do and will just have to wait for the discomfort to pass. I literally cringed when I read your post. A couple of years ago I got a glob of shampoo in my eye, rinsed the heck out of the eye, e-mailed Dr. Holly in a panic because the pain was unrelenting. The best you can do now is close your eyes, get some sleep and wait for your eye to quit screaming. Brrr-rr-rr-rr (shake of my head)...been there, done that and you have my sympathy. Hope your eye feels better soon.

        "People may not always remember exactly what you said or what you did, but they will always remember how you made them feel." ~ Unknown


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          Detergent in eye

          Thanks Cindy - It seems to be getting better as the day goes by. It is interesting how my eye seems to be over-producing mucous - almost like it is trying to coat it. I have this eye wash called OcuFresh Eye Shower that has helped some. I have done the 'toothpaste in the eye' thing before, but this is worse. Makes me think of Lucy's Capsasin episode. I can really sympathize what she went through. Ouch!