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    Hello I'm so glad I found this site!

    I am 5 weeks post op and wishing that I'd had sense enough not to have the procedure done. I see great when I can keep my eyes open and they are not burning and stinging. Unfortunately that is not very often. I've been back to the ophthalmologist 3 times since my procedure and am told that I have "severe" dry eyes. Well hello, doc! They have plugged all four of my tear ducts and I am using Restasis 2 X's per day. I'm going thru bottles of "liquigel tears" weekly. All of this doesn't seem to be doing any good. My tear ducts are now itchy and my upper lids swollen looking like I've been on a crying jag (maybe that's what I need). The light sensitivity is killing me. I can't drive or even watch T.V. I roam around my house in the day with all the blinds closed and sunglasses on. The pain is excrusiating! What just infuriates me is I told the "doc" up front that I had dry eyes, and hasimoto's syndrome (thyroditis or hypothryrodisim) but he assured me I was a good candidate for the procedure anyway. He also told me if anything went wrong he would be able to fix it. Now he says that he's never had a patient with dry eyes as bad as mine after the procedure! I just want to be able to work and enjoy the sunshine again (I'm a Realtor).

    I guess my question is two fold 1.Do I have any hope that the "dry eye" issue will resolve itself if I continue to use Restasis and have the plugs (however they are uncomfortable)? 2. What is causing the light sensitivity? Will it go away?

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    I know what you are going through!!!!!!!!

    I am so sorry you are going through so much pain... I have been there and still coping with problems but although this isnt much help time is your best ally right now ... You will find suggestions for ice packs and a rice bag on this site that may help you be more comfortable. I also found after going to three specialists and from the kind people on this site that Genteal gel is especially great for protecting your eyes and possibly relieving some of the pain I use it during the day as well as at night just a drop inside your bottom eyelid,anyways thats the way I use it. I also have a humidifier in my bedroom and am in the process of getting one for the house. I am also extremely sensitive to light and even noise now, its amazing how touching one sense effects all your others . Keep asking questions everyone on this site is very helpful !!!!!
    I hope you are able to sleep because of the pain...the dr. who did this to you should be shot... I cannot believe that there are drs. out there who do not screen properly for this procedure and are honest about these out comes. Its good to know there will always be someone on this site who will tell you to keep the faith and try to be strong through this ordeal. If you need someone to talk to just contact me. There are several people who have helped me through my roughest times. I will be thinking and praying for you... Peggy


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      First of all let me say that I am really sorry that you are going through this. I had lasik surgery four months ago and I still have dry eyes. I also had headaches and light sensitivity for the first two months. I am happy to tell you that although my eyes are still VERY dry, most of the light sensitivity and headaches did go away after about two months. My dry eyes were worst during the first two months. I used drops every hour at least - sometimes A LOT more (like every 15 minutes).

      I have seen a little bit of gradual improvement over time and I'm sure that you will too. I now use drops about every two hours and Restasis twice a day. I also have bottem plugs and use an ointment at night. Please check your eye gel to make sure that it is preservative-free. You should be using drops in the single-use containers b/c the preservatives can really make your eyes feel worse. I use Bion tears and I like them a lot.

      I think that the light sensitivity may be caused by inflammation. The Restasis has an anti-inflammatory in it but maybe you also need to try a steriod drop for a while to really get rid of it.

      Please feel free to contact me. I am still going through many of these problems and I understand how you feel. I get so anxious and depressed and scared sometimes. I think that it has to be normal to feel this way. If you have any questions - fire away!



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        Hello Annehall2

        Unfortunately, so many of us are going through the same thing with many of the same symptoms. But there is hope and as you read through the posts here on The Dry Eye Zone, you just might find some remedies that help you. I also had that terrible light sensitivity when I was first diagnosed with the dry eye problem. There were different stores that I could not go into because of their lighting systems. I thought I must be crazy! Watching T.V. was also impossible at night and reading in the evening was totally out of the question. Once I realized what the problem was, I learned what would help me. The GenTeal Gel at night is a must for me. But I have also found that the drops from The Dry Eye Zone have really helped also. My preference is the Dwelle. That saves my eyes during the day. I could not use Restasis as the burning lasted all day and was unbearable. I take 2,000 mg. of fish oil every evening and that has helped as well. Drinking lots of water is a must for me and I know when I haven't had enough. There are lots of people here that have some great suggestions and you will be glad you found this site. Good luck and hang in there. There is light (not unbearably bright!) at the end of the tunnel.


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          Originally posted by annehall2
          I guess my question is two fold 1.Do I have any hope that the "dry eye" issue will resolve itself if I continue to use Restasis and have the plugs (however they are uncomfortable)? 2. What is causing the light sensitivity? Will it go away?
          Hi there, welcome to Dry Eye Talk! I'm sorry to hear what you're going through.

          1) Absolutely yes there is hope, but I would suggest that it is helpful to focus one's expectations on incremental improvements and explore ALL the treatment options (of which Restasis and plugs are just two). The others have given many great suggestions. You may want to read through the FAQ articles on our main site too for more of a "framework" of dry eye causes, diagnosis and treatment.

          2) Light sensitivity (photophobia) is a common symptom of moderate to severe dry eye. It will be at its most severe when your dry eye is running "out of control" but I would hold out a lot of hope that you will see improvement to this as you find the treatment approaches that are best suited to your eyes. Personally I have found Panoptx eyewear very useful in reducing photophobia and improving eye comfort.
          Rebecca Petris
          The Dry Eye Zone


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            Hi annehall2, welcome to Dry Eye Talk! I'm sorry for your problems and can commiserate fully with you. My post-op issues were similar to yours. It has taken awhile but there are a lot more 'up' days than 'down' now. Dry eye is still a problem but light sensitivity has resolved a whole lot. Thank goodness. I truly feel you pain on that one. Light sensitivity is a royal pain.

            Am I understanding correctly that you have all four punctum plugged? You indicated that your eyes are kind of itchy...perhaps it would help for you to rinse your eyes out with saline or an eye wash once a day or so.

            "People may not always remember exactly what you said or what you did, but they will always remember how you made them feel." ~ Unknown


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              Thank you all

              Thank you all for helping me feel like I'm not alone and welcome to your group. I'm taking the advise you've offered.

              Cindy- yes, all four of my tear ducts are plugged. I wll start rinsing my eyes out daily with a saline solution.

              Thanks again/Annie


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                Welcome Annehall2

                I just wanted to welcome you to the site and say I am very sorry about your eye problems. I suffer from severe dry eye, MGD and LD. I also am "EXTREMELY" sensitive to the light. I have never had the operation for corrective surgery but I know what it is like to have eye trouble. Try to do warm compresses as much as you can, I like to get a wash cloth as hot as I can take it and press it over my eyes, rinse with natural tears and repeat, its quite refreshing for me, so try it to see if you can get those oils and glands going. Again Welcome Ciao for now Delilah


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                  Gosh, I just read your posting and it brought back all those horrible memories of when I first had my lasik done. It is such a terrible time and I feel for you so much. I know it seems like we are all repeating ourselves, but, seriously, we DO know what you are talking about and it will get better with time. Just try to be patient and, like my newest doctor told me, try to do things that bring you happiness. Whether it's playing with kids, playing with animals, listening to music, going to church, whatever...just try to surround yourself with things that bring you pleasure and it will make the pain more bearable. I know Delilah told you about the washclothes and I totally agree. Hot clothes (you can even zap them in the microwave) and really, really hot showers got me through some of my worst times.
                  Also, try to take the time to read through all the different threads on this site. I know it was a wealth of information for me and it helped me more than any doctor I have seen in regards to this...and I'm on about my 7th doc now!
                  There are also several doctors on this website that take the time to respond too and that is so great. Hey, free advice! You can't beat that.
                  Hang in there and please remember to pop on and let us know whenever you need to talk. I know life seems impossible right me, I really, really do know. I never thought I would make it through the first 3 or 4 months. I look back now and I know the only reason I made it through some of my darkest days was because of the kindest and the intelligence of the people on this website. They were truly a Godsend. Please know we are all thinking of you and we will help you in whatever way we can. Also, try to hold on to the thought every single day that it WILL get better!
                  Take care,


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                    Everyone who has replied has given me ideas and such hope! I went to a local "super sunglass" store and tried to purchase panoptx day/night glasses but they didn't fit well so the owner helped me find a different manufacturer that wrapped and fit well. Unfortunatly they don't have the "eye cup" but they've made a difference. My new routine has incorporated bits and pieces of advice from everyone. Before I go to bed, I flush my eyes with normal saline then, use Refresh PM. In the AM I use a hot compress (hot damp wash cloth) then rinse with normal saline, wait 30 mins add the Restasis then wait 30 mins. add refresh "gel" drops. Before I jump in the shower I add more Refresh PM. When I get out of the shower I rinse my eyes with normal saline enough to diluate the PM stuff so I can see. After dinner I do more hot compresses. Through out the day I use Refresh gel drops (about once every 30 mins.) I know this sounds like a lot but...everything everyone said made sense so I'm trying to figure out what works. My eyes are still very sore but I think I'm making progress. Oh, I also bought a couple of visors to add to my wardrobe when I do get to go out. I'm still extremely light sensitive but a little better than last week. Not able to drive yet but there's hope!

                    Thank you very much for responding, offering your kind words, assistance, and sharing your personal stories.


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                      Sounds like you are on the right track! Remember to add some flax seed into your diet too. I take 6000 mg a day and it really helps keep my eyes moist. There's a lot about that on different threads throughout this website.
                      Good luck and hang in there!


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