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    i felt it was time i stopped lurking and thanked everyone on this site for sharing their stories, ideas and hope. my struggles with dry eyes are pretty limited compared with most on this board but, i have benefited alot from what i have read here.

    my dry eye troubles began 3 years ago. at first i noticed really painful eyes at night and in the morning but, everything seemed ok during the day. this was made worse by drinking as little as 2 glasses of wine the night before.

    this all esculated when i tried to find a pair of contact lenses i could wear. some how i didn't realize that my occasional dry eye at night would relate to my trouble wearing contact lenses. i was diagnosised with blepharitis and staph keratitis. a dose of steriod eye drops, warm compresses, lid scrubs and neosporin for eyes followed. next a brief stint on doxycycline.

    soon i was madly searchng the internet for a magic bullet that would heal my eyes and allow me to wear contacts. this is when i found out about flaxseed oil and vitamins.

    of all the solutions, flaxseed oil 2x a day, warm compresses and drops at night seem to help the most. i tried rgp contacts and some days are good but, wearing them was compounded by other issues like a difficult to fit cornea and lots of lid interaction on my right eye

    on my bad days soothe drops alternated with refresh drops seem to help.

    (oh, no i just burnt the bacon!!) so i will stop here and go back to lurking

    thanks for this wonderful forum-
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    Hi tiggy, welcome and thanks for your kind words. This is a pretty amazing board that's for sure.

    I'm wondering what you do for your eyes at bedtime? It almost sounds like you would benefit from a light sleep mask or a night-time gel or...

    "People may not always remember exactly what you said or what you did, but they will always remember how you made them feel." ~ Unknown


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      I too agree with what ou said its great to have such a good group of people that are so helpful. I have been dealing with my crazy eyes for about a year now and just found this site recently and lurked for a while and at least felt better with having others that can relate to you.


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        Hi Cindy and Mike,

        Thanks for the welcome

        I have tried Refresh Plus, Soothe and several of the heavier ones at night. Soothe works great as a pretreatment before inserting my lenses- when I wear them. I find that unless I am REALLY in a bad place I am better staying away from heavy drops at night. It seems like they can back fire after awhile. Does that make sense?

        When I first started having problems it was in my left eye. I thought my eye may not be closing properly due to a paratoid surgery on that side. The heavier CMC drops seem to work ok when it is acting up. Other than that the plain old Refresh drops or Refresh Plus before bed.

        Any suggestions?