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Online pharmacy deliver restasis to the UK?

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  • Online pharmacy deliver restasis to the UK?

    i wondered if there's any pharmacies that deliver restasis to the UK?
    and if not where are people in the UK getting restasis from and what are your experiences with it?
    Thank you

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    Interested as well.


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      you cant get it here unless you get it from the NHS (who only give it out in sevear cases of sjogrens) but there is another drug you can get, which apparently is similar and can be given on prescription from a clinic in london (the same place that does Light therapy for eyes) i cant recall the name, maybe someone can tell us here? i only know as i emailed them to ask a few years ago and this is what i was told. the new dry eye drug (begins with X?) should be out in the UK too in the next year, the same clinic told me they would be stocking it for clients there too, once its approved here - so thats some thing to look out for if we cant find it anywhere else.
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        Cyclosporin is available in UK NHS as Ikervis, and on private prescription Search 'NHS [your local health board] formulary eye'.
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