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hypochlorous acid

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  • hypochlorous acid

    Hi there I can't seem to find any cleanser containing hypochlorous acid available in Europe. There are products like Avenova and OcuSoft HypoChlor, but for some reason can't reach them here. Am I missing something? Anybody any experience with them here? Thanks a lot!

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    Hi Avee,

    Avenova is currently sold only against prescription in the US. There are products like OcuSoft or hypochlor, but they don't contain solely pure 'Hypochlorous Acid' (HOCL). Apart from 'Avenova' which contains pure HOCL there is 'NatraSan First Aid Spray' that contains only HOCL and saline water. This product is, manufactured in the UK, it is fairly freely available in Eruope, and because it is a first aid spray it does not require a prescription. I know that it can be bought form and from Amazon. es in Spain where I have just ordered a 100 ml spray flask for only 8.95 However, although NatraSan seems to be identical in makeup to Avenova, it has not been specifically approved to treat blepharitis, dry eye or MGD. Although the manufacturer says that NatraSan First Aid Spray is completely harmless, even if applied 'in' or 'around' the eyes. I know that one of the participants in this forum, MGD 1017, uses this spray with good results on his eye. It can be applied by spraying it onto cotton disk and then cleaning the border of your closed eyelids with it or spraying directly onto your closed eye lids and letting it dry without washing it off. That procedure should be used twice a day.

    I am very excide about this spray, because I think it could be an excellent adjunct to fighting all sorts of eye conditions that involves inflamed eyelids, or even possible as a stand-alone treatment to prevent recurrence of flare-ups of a person suffering for mild blepharitis. From what I've read, I am convince enough that I will try it on myself. However, before you risk using it, please do your own research or discuss NatraSan First Aid Spray with your doctor, pointing out that it has the same composition as Avenova, which is sold in the US to treat blepharitis, MGD and dry eye - but costs about $300. I will report back to this community as I learn more about this potentially very useful product for dry-eye sufferers. Here is a link to the manufacturer's web page


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      Hi everybody,
      In my last post I said that I would report back once I had investigated the Natrasan spray. I now believe I've found some information that might be useful for the community, and have reported it in a new discussion specifically about Natrasan First Aid Spry.

      The discussion is called 'Natrasan First Aid Spray may be safe for eyelid hygiene' and can be found under the heading 'Patients only'. I invite anybody interested in this topic to have a look at the thread.


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