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Rces 10 years+ after ptk

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  • Rces 10 years+ after ptk

    Hi, I had an eye injury 10+ years ago to my cornea. It didn't heal, the wound kept reopening, the docs tried all the usual drops, bandage contact lense, scraped the front of my eye off with a scalpel then forgot to put a bandage contact lense in and sent me home. I was In a lot of pain. Nothing worked, it was pretty severe, the pain and light sensitivity made me practically blind for 8 months. Was in my 20s at the time, I'm now 40. They put me in for ptk, and it worked. Thank you science. No problems since, other than being left with light sensitive eyes, which is a small price to pay.
    Couple of weeks ago I got that sharp pain in my eye when dropping off to sleep, thought nothing of it as I've experienced that before a number of times and has been OK the next day or so. This time though, a day or two later, got a sensation in my eye just like I had years ago, which was a big shock to me tbh. And since then I've figured that it must be an erosion. Went to scrivens optitions, was told its just eye strain, and just dismissed my erosion suggestion saying it'll be better in a few days and gave me a prescription for some glasses and some thealoz duo drops.
    Unfortunately a week or so later and I now know its definitely an erosion as I can feel it, and know what they feel like. Its not severe like last time, but has got a bit worse now. I wanted to ask you guys what would be the best type of ointment to use at night. I have thealoz duo and clinitas gel. Thick ointments seemed to open the wound years ago so worried about using them now. I wanted to try muro 128 but cant find it in the UK, does anyone know where I can get some from? Before this gets any worse. Or any suggestions for something similar in this country? Preying it doesn't get any worse. I'm suffering from severe anxiety as it is, and now this has sent it into overdrive, am in a pretty bad way. Any suggestions please?

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    Also, could I ask people that have had erosions over the years, did the eye doctor or optician always manage to see them with their equipment?


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      Hi. I have been having erosions that were seen at an a &e eye department.


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        Originally posted by LindaDawn View Post
        Hi. I have been having erosions that were seen at an a &e eye department.
        OK thanks for the reply, did you go there in the afternoon and the erosions were in the morning? As I saw the optician in the afternoon and he couldn't see anything. Apparently this can be the case with minor erosions?


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          I went in the morning. I don’t know too much about erosions. Find it too upsetting to be researching this condition.


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