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  • oral ivermectin - demodex

    Has anyone here been diagnosed with demodex blepharitis and taken oral ivermectin? Could you post your story? I have tried tea tree but it's too harsh for my lids. I maintain lid hygiene but clearly this won't kill the mites. Any input is welcome

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    hi .i am today sarting.i hipe this help me
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      Hi ehsan372
      I have MGD and just been diagnosed with demodex.
      Doctor give me ivermectin for one shot and a TTO gel to put on the lids for one minute.
      I add TTO 50% to put on eyelash every evening.
      Can you please explain exactly your routine and preparation of TTO (quantity, frequency..)


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        4 doctors have confirmed that I do not have demodex nor inflammation yet
        prevention is better than cure
        (since demodex is hard to detect/prevent & people with MGD has higher chance with demodex)

        Based on my research and experience

        -only 5% of Tea tree oil can kill demodex
        Cliradex wipes content 4% tee tree oil (mainly to scare away demodex)

        -TTO shampoo (soap free)
        (or mix pure TTO with lid cleanser - be careful with the %)
        to clean lashes x2/day
        but leave it on lashes as long as you can, best is 1 min.
        Also do NOT close eyes too tightly as dirts might get into eyes

        or mix about 4% of TTO with ointment & apply on lashes when in bed

        - Pure HOCL spray, such as Avenova - to kill bacteria
        (as when one has demodex often has bacteria too)

        - Cliradex wipes
        before bed time
        lay it on lashes for some minutes then wipe off whole face - proved to be more effective.

        Ocusoft has a kit to deal with this and treated by doctors. There are demos at YouTube.
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          Hi MGD1701

          Thanks for your advices.
          I visited a new specialist and I learnt new things.
          Now I do confirm that a good doctor is able to see demodex at the slit lamp: he turned around one upper lash for 2 minutes and then he saw lot of demodex.
          He said everybody has demodex but some have a lot.
          I had eyelashes analysis and only one eye showed demodex, while the Dr saw them. Conclusion it is better to find a good Dr than doing analysis !

          Based on my research:

          Weekly lid scrub with 50% TTO and daily lid scrub with tea tree shampoo is effective in 4 weeks.
          Study in vitro: TTO 100% kill in 4mn, 50% in 15mn, 10% in 150mn.
          Demodex carry bacteria.

          my new routine :
          - Evening 2x/week for 1 month: put TTO 50% on eyelashes with a tip, for 2 minutes or more because it stings
          - twice a day for 1 month: shampoo with TTO (or ointment) for 5mn on eyelashes then clean eyelid
          - shampoo TTO 5% for hair eyebrow and face
          - I add HOCL every day to kill bacteria

          After a few days itching went away


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            Hey mbperso what is the exam to know if you had demodex ? I saw lot of doctor but for me it looks like they donít know a lot about it ( demodex mites )

            so so I would like to know is there is an exam or something to atleast know if you had it , because doctors said that everyone have bacteria on eyelids but itís generic.

            also you donít have started oral ivermectin ? You are just doing manial cleansing with TTO right ? Thankyou.


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              Hi @Italyboy,
              Analysis for staph is : bacteriology (tear removal, its hurts a bit. Result was ok)
              Analysis for Demodex is : parasitology of eyelashes (remove 8 lashes on each eye, found 5 demodex only on one eye)

              Yes everyone has demodex and bacteria but it should be limited. Some bacteria are carried by demodex, and when demodex dies after 3 weeks, they let bacteria.
              Based on my research it seems that only about 30% of young people don't have demodex (or very little).

              Dr prescribed me : Stromectol 4 pills in one shot (12mg of Ivermectin) , eventually repeat it after 2 months.
              But based on my research it should be repeated after 1 month