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  • Incomplete Blink

    I posted a while back when my eyes were cured. Unfortunately, the problem came back. This was extremely distressing, as I had just a taste of what freedom could feel like.

    Now it seems like my lower eye lid sits too low (my inferior sclera shows). I've recorded myself blinking, it does seem that many of them are incomplete. I've placed a rubber band around my face to raise my lower eye lids, and this seems to help a lot of my symptoms.

    How can I permanently fix my blink? I've tried all sorts of exercises, and they don't work. Is plastic surgery risky if I wanted to try and fix it that way?

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    I have this problem as well, partial blinking. I don't know the cause of my partial blinking still, and don't have a good solution. I too try my best to do blinking exercises, but I dont think its actually helping. My (not so good) solution thus far is to consciously blink fully and completely by squeezing my lids shut -all the time-. My dry eyes have improved, but correlation is not causation so I won't attribute this to my conscience blinking.


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      Try doing blinking exercises. I did a lipiview before and after having done blinking exercises and they improved. I suspect that contact lenses may have started my partial blinking issue which then caused mgd and other issues, but it's hard to know for sure.


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        I would try to find someone who does lipiview/lipiflow because that test will tell you if your blink is indeed incomplete.

        If it is then you can have a lower lid graft to support the lid but I would not do that unless it was completely essential. because plastic surgery is always risky. There are other less invasive procedures called a canthopexy where the lower ligament is suspended by attaching it to the orbital bone which may or may not help but it is a relatively simple procedure. The other thing they can do is to put a stitch at the corner of the eye called aTarsorrhaphy but that can make your eye look smaller which most people don't want and be irritating because it feels like you can't open properly.