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Dry eye pain! Where do you feel it?

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  • Dry eye pain! Where do you feel it?

    Hi again,

    So far I know I have Rosacea because of all the rashes on my face which came out just two month after lasik.

    I also have blepharitis (inflamed upper lid). I get dandruff on my eyebrow and close to my ear. Yes all after lasik. I can relate some of that to my extreme anxiety.

    The other thing I have been thinking is corneal Neuralgia. I am not sure if I have this but one of the symptoms would be extreme pain without having dry eye. I do not think that I have this because I have low lipid layer.

    The other thing is losing cornea sensation due to Lasik. I am not sure if I lost my corneal sensation or not but I usually do not feel pain in my cornea. It is o the corner of my eyes. Whenever I feel there is breeze or AC is on, I feel my eyes are dry. I feel some sore eye and if I stay there for a while I get headache. Only left part of my head.

    Also, my the corner of my eyes get itchy sometimes. I used to sneeze a lot in the spring but not anymore. I was wondering if this itchiness is because of allergies?

    For non-lasik patient, where do you feel dry eye pain? Is it right on your cornea? or Sclera?


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    if you can identify location of the pain mostly combined with tearing, likely CCH - which is often under diagnosed.


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      Originally posted by MGD1701 View Post
      if you can identify location of the pain mostly combined with tearing, likely CCH - which is often under diagnosed.
      Sorry what is CCH?

      Also, recently I see my eyes tears abnormally when I am walking in the mall. I think it is because it is getting cold in and they turned on the heaters. I do not know how to survive -25 Calgary weather.


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        My dry eye is in a few places...the lid margins get inflamed, the caruncle gets dry and burns and a lot of my corneal sensation is limited to the top third of my cornea. Because I sleep with my eyes open, in an extreme downward whatís exposed is the top of my eye. The right eye also has burning in the outer portion of the sclera.


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          Ebi, I try to wear moisture chambers in the public buildings as much as possible, they really help. Have you been able to find any that fit your Asian profile?

          Mostly, if my eyes are bothering me it is burning. Computer usage will set them off withing about 10 min, thank God i don't have to work on computers. Apart from that they are pretty good in the day just feel like cardboard at times when I blink so I add a drop and that fixes it. It used to be I needed drops every 20 min-hour but now it is only maybe 3x per day until I use computers in the evening and then it is more often but that is when the burning really starts.


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            Thanks farmgirl

            You are feeling better because of recent IPLs?


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              Yes for sure it has made a difference. I also just started Xiidra so I am hoping that will help as well.


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                ebi1368 , I had tried several moisture chambers, and this one by Eye Eco fit my Asian profile the best because it can be ordered in size small and has bendable temples:


                Itís difficult to find a snug fit when one has a lower nose bridge or smaller profile.


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