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    I just called and got 3 pairs of glasses to try the neareus, sea crest and the panhead by 7 eye. Iím going to try them on and then make a decision on which ones to buy them send them my script. I finally felt stable enough to get a refraction and to buy glasses. So once I get my pair from lens crafters, and Iím sure this new script is good, Iíll order the moisture chamber glasses and post how I feel about them. Iím happy I finally can get a pair of these. I wear glasses so itís been hard to cover my eyes...I wear those giant clear 3m goggles for science labs. Plus, Iíll actualy be able to wear these glasses when I drive and go outside. Should help me heal also.

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    I just tried them all on...Nereus, sea crest and the panheads will be great for sunglasses. As for glasses, I need the sea crest, with the Nereus silicone piece otherwise I donít get a seal. However, Iím glad that it looks like Iíll get two pairs of moisture chambers.

    I was waiting on my prescription from lens crafters, they did a killer job refracting me. The optometrist knew more about dry eye than half the doctors I saw. Very pleased with the glasses but Iím still going to wait it out to make sure the prescription is perfect.

    I want to add that getting the glasses has made my eyes more comfortable. I didnít realize because of the injury/debridement/dryness, that my old prescription was so off. I just got used to it over the past year. But I was squinting mildly and didnít even know it. So once I got the glasses, my face muscles relaxed a lot. I have a mild headache, which is beyond normal for a nrew script. But my eyes feel better because theyíre not in a permenant squint. My left eye is much sharper and colors are brighter. So that lifted my mood yesterday. Iím finally seeing the detail I had been missing since this all started and my vision is more balanced which is friendlier on my brain. I didnít realize how much of my depression was related to seeing poorly. The double vidion has gone down a lot in the left eye. Things are slowly improving....very slowly.
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