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    I just called and got 3 pairs of glasses to try the neareus, sea crest and the panhead by 7 eye. Iím going to try them on and then make a decision on which ones to buy them send them my script. I finally felt stable enough to get a refraction and to buy glasses. So once I get my pair from lens crafters, and Iím sure this new script is good, Iíll order the moisture chamber glasses and post how I feel about them. Iím happy I finally can get a pair of these. I wear glasses so itís been hard to cover my eyes...I wear those giant clear 3m goggles for science labs. Plus, Iíll actualy be able to wear these glasses when I drive and go outside. Should help me heal also.

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    I just tried them all on...Nereus, sea crest and the panheads will be great for sunglasses. As for glasses, I need the sea crest, with the Nereus silicone piece otherwise I donít get a seal. However, Iím glad that it looks like Iíll get two pairs of moisture chambers.

    I was waiting on my prescription from lens crafters, they did a killer job refracting me. The optometrist knew more about dry eye than half the doctors I saw. Very pleased with the glasses but Iím still going to wait it out to make sure the prescription is perfect.

    I want to add that getting the glasses has made my eyes more comfortable. I didnít realize because of the injury/debridement/dryness, that my old prescription was so off. I just got used to it over the past year. But I was squinting mildly and didnít even know it. So once I got the glasses, my face muscles relaxed a lot. I have a mild headache, which is beyond normal for a nrew script. But my eyes feel better because theyíre not in a permenant squint. My left eye is much sharper and colors are brighter. So that lifted my mood yesterday. Iím finally seeing the detail I had been missing since this all started and my vision is more balanced which is friendlier on my brain. I didnít realize how much of my depression was related to seeing poorly. The double vidion has gone down a lot in the left eye. Things are slowly improving....very slowly.
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      Alright Iíve had these glasses for a while now, hereís my take. The seacreast were not meant for my face, even though they felt good during the 10 day trial. They are for an Asian face, I am European. When I retried the Nereus recently, I realize thatís the frame I should have bought.

      As as far as comfor and durability. The comfort is acceptable, theyíre bordering on being a bit heavy. However, that weight, although not attractive, makes up for it by increasing the strength of the frame. I have slept in these purposely on many occasions. The nose pieces donít move. The frame doesnít seem stressed or warped. Literally the most durable pair of glasses Iíve ever owned.

      Since I love them, I decided to try a different frame by 7eye, the ventus. I wanted these because another issue with the ziena frames is loss of peripheral vision. The frosted eye cups make it impossible for me to track someone walking behind me or next to me. It takes an adjustment. So I thought. Letís do wraparound motorcycle glasses. Then Iíll have my periphery. Well, they told me my prescription may be too high but they would try to make them. Now I get why you canít do that. It makes everything look like a fishbowl. And when I turn my head at all, I get sick from the movement. Thereís no adjustment period, it warps everything you see.

      BUT, I can sleep in these even better. Because they wrap around, when I bury my head in the pillow, the rigid frame keep the edges from mashing into my eye and opening it. These have been better than any night time protection Iíve tried besides tape. Im so happy I dont have to tape my eyes anymore. So even though the glasses were a bust, Iím still able to use them. Serendipity lead me to this amazing night protection option. Just wanted to throw it out there. A non prescription pair is 100 bucks and wirth a shot if other night time protection has failed.

      All in all, I would say these are literally one of the best purchases Iíve made. Itís taking some trial and error to figure out what I need. But itís actuslly been worth it even at 1200 bucks for 3 pairs, still cheap compared to drops and other items AND itís not ******g a problem itís literally helping to prevent one, tear evaporation.

      Good of luck and yes, I recommend these a thousand times over. Iíll update to confirm the Nereus is as perfect as I expect them to be as soon as I get a chance to wear them.


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