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I'm concerned about a potential move to a drier climate

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  • I'm concerned about a potential move to a drier climate

    30 F with 6 year history of dry eyes, currently managed with intermittent preservative free drops during the day (more at night) and fish oil pills. Long story short I was offered my dream job in Sacramento (currently living in Detroit), but I'm concerned about the dry climate. When I visited for the interview I was fine for 90% of the day (humidity usually hovers around 50-60), but around 3-5pm the humidity drops usually below 20% (around 12% when I was there) and I could definitely feel the difference. feel kind of crazy for not taking a job because of low humidity for 2-3 hours a day, but I don't want to be in pain.

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    Do whatever you think is best for you long term, and don't think for one second that you're crazy to consider turning down the job due to low humidity. It's a perfectly valid concern.

    You're definitely not alone in having to consider this stuff. I avoid traveling to desert climates. I'd turn down any job in a dry climate. Hell, I turned my life upside down 4 years ago in no small part due to a need to be in a more humid climate for my eyes.
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      I would not do it until I was stable. Even then, research shows that desiccating stress can lead to Sjogren’s like inflammation on the ocular surface and in the lacrimal gland. 20% is very low. 50-60% is fine but also not good enough for dry eyes. I definitely feel better at 70%+

      Depends on how sensitive you are, too. My TBUT is close to normal 9-11s but I am still very sensitive to dryness.


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