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Untreated dry eye Consequences

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    DryEyeCoach today twitter

    ''People with dry eyes may develop mucus in or around their eyes.
    There can be pain and redness in the eye, a feeling of heavy eyelids or blurred, changing or decreased vision.
    People with more severe cases of dry#dryeye often are also sensitive to light.''


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      Sensitive to light was - in my case - not some advanced symptom you get when leaving your eyes untreated for too long. For me it was just that I cleaned my eyes "too intensively": cleaning the eye lids and margin (posterior) with a cotton stick with blephaSol twice a day, which removed/cleaned the "good oils" your meibomian glands produce might be counterproductive. And if I am not mistaken, the oils help/protect against light and influence your vision. That heavy cleaning of my eyes increased the inflammatory effect of my eyelids (it's not that natural to clean it that intensely). Anyway, I stopped the heavy cleaning to only cleaning the lash-line and am less sensitive to light.

      On the other hand, is there someone (preferably with some medical background) who can confirm what my eye doctor told me: "the meibomian glands don't really starve, and surely not to people who are young, as they are quite "flexible" against change." I asked my doctor because I've read multiple (doomsayer) comments on this forum about the "starving meibomian glands", which I think one should take with a grain of salt.

      And for the blurred vision: are there people who also have blurred vision? Is it only for some seconds, and after blinking that it's back to normal vision again? Because for me the blurred vision (and heavy eyelid in the evening) was the reason to see an eye doctor and only after a year or so I started developing dry eyes, which again confirms that there is not always a "chronological order of symptoms" as some of the quotes of the experts in this topic suggest, as for me, the "advanced" symptoms started first and dissapeared.

      Another thing: could blurred vision lead to MGD (e.g. as you squeeze your eyes to read a screen)?


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