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Running and dry eye

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  • Running and dry eye


    My eyes get super red when I am running or playing soccer or heavy exercise. Real bloodshot. Anybody has the same problem?

    Should I stop paying soccer?

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    It would most likely be the wind irritating your eyes as you run around. Maybe wearing wrap around sunglasses as you play might be helpful.


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      ebi1368 I used to bike without goggles but now I always wear them to stop the wind and over tearing . I highly recommend glasses that change opacity depending on the light. It makes them super flexible. WileyX and other brands have good sport wraparound glasses that look fine.


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        I noticed when my eyes were really bad. As soon as blood started flowing into my legs, arms, chest, etc, I would get dry as hell. Itís as if the fluid in my body was going to my muscles and taking away from my eyes. So it could be dehydration. Do you measure how much water you drink everyday? I drink 3 Fiji bottled waters per day, the large 1.5 liter bottles. So Iím drinking well over s gallon EVERYDAY! You miss one day, youíll feel it. It could also be the wind as people mentioned. Good luck, I hated the idea that working out made me feel worse. Itís better now, so there is hope. I train regularly again no problems.


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