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I AM CURED!!!!! You can be too. Everyone!!!!

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  • I AM CURED!!!!! You can be too. Everyone!!!!

    Hi all, sorry I didnít update sooner but Iíve been having fun. I read, I sew, I work in air, I watch TV and I shop in air conditioned malls!!!!! My last Schirmer test was 18. Big improvement from 0 eh? That is not a typo. I got zero. Twice.

    Anyway, long story short, no more punctual plugs for over 18 months, and I use one drop in each eye per day only because Iím too chicken to quit completely

    So I have been working hard to fix my gut ever since I took antibiotics two weeks before my troubles started. I canít tell you how many doctors told me it was game over and I should go on cyclosporine and wait for the end to come. Yeah, well, I found ONE doctor who believed differently. Interestingly enough he and his wife run a side business selling kombucha (but thatís not how I fixed my gut). In order to fix said gut I was put on gluten free, sugar free, dairy free diet with tons of probiotics and nutritional supplements and big focus on organic food. Most recently I chose to go vegan because there were just so many people saying a plant based diet had been what helped them. I also decided to give Medical Medium a whirl and I am drinking celery juice and following his advice on lower fat and protein. Am I crazy? My mother in law thinks so, but the end result is that my eyes are better than ever and I consider them cured. I think other parts of my body have benefited as well. And I will also say that through this whole awful saga I became a Christian so there has been a ton of praying, by me and for me. I do consider this healing a gift from God because doctors told me flat out it was impossible. So for whatever reason you choose to believe worked, I KNOW thereís nothing special about me and if I can do it, you can do it. It takes time, you have to ignore the nay-sayers and believe itís possible. If I can help anyone out there pls ask me anything you like, and if you want me to pray for you nothing could delight me more. Love to all!!!!

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    Great to read must feel wonderful! Do you mind me asking, what is the celery juice for? Is it specifically for dry eyes or just general health? Also what kinds of supplements are you taking?


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      The celery juice is just something I came across for overall health, and since celery here has ROCKETED to $13 per bunch there must be a lot of people trying it too. Google Medical Medium and youíll find out more and can decide for yourself if you want to give it a go. I figured itís celery, couldnít hurt, and a lot of people on YouTube said it helped them. Not the most official source of information but I believe itís improved my digestion. Nutritionals I still take are fish oil, vitamin e and a b vitamin based multi. I also take Lacritec which is another oil based capsule for dry eyes. For digestive reasons I still take probiotics and digestive enzymes and an immune boosting supplement. Basically my diet now is very clean. Lots of organic veges, grow as much as I can, salads with herbs, spices in everything and until recently I was still eating grass fed organic meat/chicken/fish/eggs/tofu. Iíve stopped those since listening to medical medium because I thought if celery juice was helping why not try his other advice. But seriously, Iíll give anything a go. I used to pray to die in my sleep it was so painful and unbearable. So now I even do rebounding (mini trampoline) too. This didnít happen overnight but it has got better over time, and sometimes it would get worse for a week or so before getting even better. Dunno what that means - Iíve heard the term healing crisis and maybe itís that. All I can say is that whatever it is, something has worked. I also listened to people like Brooke Goldner who says a plant based whole grain diet fixed her lupus. I know what everyone thinks about vegans..... but it appears I am one and itís not as bad as you think


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        Hi DibbieNZ , I'm happy to see that you are feeling great!
        I have some questions:
        • Are you on a gluten-free, sugar-free, dairy-free diet right from the start of your diet?
        • How long have you been doing this diet?
        • After how long did you decide to go vegan?
        • Do the vegan diet improved the condition compared to the previous one?

        I'm asking because I've been on a classic mediterranean diet for a couple of months, eating 100% clean, with lot of veggies and fruits, two litres of water, fish, chicken, eggs, some lactose-free dairy products (I'm lactose intolerant). I also drink milk kefir for natural probiotics. I feel more energetic but the dry eye hasn't improved much.
        I want to try a vegetarian diet, or a gluten-free vegetarian diet for a couple of months, but for now I want to see if my current diet can improve the condition over time (I'm followed by a dietist).


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          Good for you Debbie, and thanks for sharing. This may not cure 'everyone' but if it helps even one that would be great.


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