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IVIG (intravenous immunoglobulin eyedrops)

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  • IVIG (intravenous immunoglobulin eyedrops)

    Hello, just wanted to share a new therapy. There is no information on this drug currently. The clinical trials have just started but I was lucky enough to get it prescribed off label. I cannot be part of the trial because intake serum tears also, but the hope is that this will lower my immune markets and get me feeling even better.

    IVIG is a treatment for people with autoimmune diseases. Roughly 10,000 people donate their blood so that the immunoglobulins can be collected. So these drops offer a wide spectrum of constituents to relieve the immune response associated with dry eye. I suspect everyone with dry eye has these markers regardless of their specific disease. This is extremely safe and very effective. There are however only 8 companies that make IVIG so quantities are limited. This therapy will cost me 350 a month out of pocket. If it works however, will be worth every penny.

    The doctur running the trials is excited to see how I do. He asked me the dry eye survey again to get a baseline for which to compare after treatment. Letís see what happens.

    Youre only as healthy as your doctor is smart...if you had 20 people tell you youíll never be cured, those 20 people may just be wrong.

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    May I ask which country you are from, and which doctor is this? The theory behind IVIG is probably the same as serum, AMT, PRP, and perhaps being more effective.


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      The doctor is tracking extra cellular DNA, neutrophils, chemokines/cytokines. This is targeted therapy. My chemokines/cytokines are high, as they would be in someone with an autoimmune disease, yet, I donít have one. Regardless, because these infiltrates are present, this drug would be useful.

      Iím not allowed to be part of the clinical trials because I use serum, but Iím grateful he prescribes it off label. In 3 days on this medication Iíve been able to lower my doxycycline from 200mg to 150mg. Something Iíve been trying to do for 3 months with at least 7 failed attempts. Also, if wind was a 10 out of 10 before as far as pain. Now, my discomfort in the wind is maybe a 4. He said this was remarkable stuff, he was very excited that I was willing to try it. I wasnít hoping for much, to be honest, it may be a fluke. Maybe Iím having a good spot right now regardless of the meds, only time will tell. i currently feel however, that this was the missing link to my therapy. This is the most normal Iíve felt. Before I start rambling about how good it is, letís give it more time just to be sure.

      The proticol is to take this spaced one hour from any other medication. So I wake up at 4am, put in two drop and go back to sleep for an hour, then start my other meds. At noon I dose and take a nap, then take my other meds. At night, itís the last drop I put in, in hope is sits in that tear well overnight. This was how I was told to take it and Iím taking it perfectly. Iíll be back to update firsther assuming things go well, which it looks like they will be.


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        Hmmm, I am autoimmune I look forward to hearing more


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