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Anyone think it is justifiable to use your shower as your compress/massage for mgd

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  • Anyone think it is justifiable to use your shower as your compress/massage for mgd

    Hi. After spending the past 4 years religiously doing a warm compress day and night and never missing doing it, I am looking into reducing this workload. I have started using warm morning shower as heat and massage time this past 3 days. Not noticed any difference yet. What do you all think?

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    it works well for me , I add saline rince, and lid scrub with TTO gel


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      I wondered about this too. I keep forgetting to do the warm compresses lately.


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        I hate putting a hot compress onto the delicate skin of my eyes. Not sure it even works especially if yr oils r very thick. No compress in the world would release these oils I feel!


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          My eyes look worse all day if I don't shower immediately after waking up. If I wait a few hours to shower, it's not the same. My shower door extends to the ceiling so it's also like a steam bath. However when I pinch my eyelids after I don't get that "juicy" feeling of expression that I get after a warm compress. I still find the most benefit from warm compresses. They don't make my eyes feel much better, but it's like CPR for the glands, just keeping them alive. I just started using a one-eyed warm compress, which allows me to move around and do stuff while I'm getting my treatment, looking like a pirate. Highly recommended.


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            Can you elaborate further on your one eyed warm compress please.


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