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Hydrophobic Coating on Glasses in MoistureChamberGoggles

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  • Hydrophobic Coating on Glasses in MoistureChamberGoggles

    Hi All,

    I recently got my 1st MCG - Zienna Nereus Shipped to India to try it out in my office.
    It seems like it would help , but i cannot ascertain for sure ; because it gets foggy after every 10-15 minutes.I have tried adjusting the distance between the MCG and my face, but that doesn't seem to help(the glasses become very loose otherwise).

    The company which fitted my prescription glasses suggests to go with a variant of glass/lens which has hydrophobic coating. Does anyone have any experience in this regard about how much those glasses would help. Any other ideas in this regard? Are hydrophobic sprays safer for eyes?

    If it helps, i get my prescription glasses fitted in by Titan Eye plus firm here in India.

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    I had a pair of Ziena Nereus fitted with prescription lenses. They were terrible. They did not seal in my eyes. They fogged up. They looked like goggles. They were loose, and the frames could not be properly shaped to fit. The sizing on the website tells you nothing ("small/medium"). They don't even provide the temple size or lens width. These are for medium men, or large women.

    Try WileyX with a gasket like the Airrage model. They have a motorcycle glasses look to them, but they seal and they fit. And they are actually less bulky than the Nereus. Just make sure you pick one that takes a prescription.

    Also you could try searching on this site; I recall some conversations about chamber glasses for the office.
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      Thanks for the response!

      I think my nereus pair fits me pretty well with the eargrips. Only problem I am facing now is them fogging up. Especially the eye which is less dry(as per my reports like schirmers test etc. ). So I am thinking of trying the hydrophobic coating glasses. I am currently trying to evaluate if MCGs work for me with my nereus pair.

      Thanks for the tip on WileyX model. Do you think they look better in an office setting? I think the nereus frames are much better in that regard(unless I am not looking at the right model?)


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