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Punctal Plugs + Excessive Tearing

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  • Punctal Plugs + Excessive Tearing

    I recently had 4 punctal plugs put in about a week ago and have been struggling with excessive tearing. I called my doctor and they said it takes some people 2-4 weeks for your body to adjust to making less tears, but I'm wondering if this will ever go away.

    Out of all the treatments I have done this one is BY FAR the best. My eyes are dramatically less red and feel more comfortable and I can actually look people in the eyes again which for me is a HUGE win!!!! I had 2 plugged before with no success but having all 4 plugged is making such a big difference, just not sure I can deal with tears streaming down my face every 30 minutes.

    Can anyone tell me if they have had a similar experience and if so, did the tearing ever go away?

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    Haven’t had punctual plugs so unable to give you my experience. I am assuming you have aqueous deficient dry eye.


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      I had the same situation--severe dryness with only two plugs in my lower ducts and extreme excessive tearing with all four ducts plugged. The tearing did not go away for me. Since you are able to tolerate plugs, you could try partial micro-flow plugs, which have an open channel in the middle that allows partial drainage. I had those for awhile until they kept falling out. My ducts cannot tolerate plugs, so I am stuck with severe dryness with only two ducts cauterized. I have not found a surgeon who can partially cauterize my upper ducts, so I have to keep my uppers open to avoid severe over tearing with all ducts closed.


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        The excessive tearing subsided with me after some months - half year. It got better for me.


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          I have bottom lids plugged and the top lid of my left eye since it feels more dry than the right. I don't know to what extent they have helped. The left eye has dissoluble plugs at the moment. It do find it concerning that we are waiting for the eyes to produce fewer tears. This seems to be the exact opposite of what we want, right?


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