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New 1500 monitor is secretly a flame thrower!

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  • New 1500 monitor is secretly a flame thrower!

    So I bought an LG 38GL950G monitor which is a top of the range IPS panel. It was default around 400nits and I used it for 2 days solid thinking wow what a vivid image but then my eyes just suddenly imploded and 2 weeks later there’s no respite despite me getting more sleep, improving diet and using eye drops! I reduced the brightness to level 18 instead of 75 and now it sits around 120nits which is the normal range! I doubt this impact would have effected a normal user in this way and it’s time I find out what on earth is going on!

    I moved house recently and set my office up with an adjustable standing desk, under desk treadmill and other stuff.

    My next steps with my severely limited knowledge:

    * Thyroid test since I have a variable thyroid (was overactive and had to take radioactive iodine to shrink it and render myself under active but take thyroid meds)
    * Visual stress test / colometry test / photophobia test (the brightness gave me all the systems of photophobia including chest pain) more here
    * get some new prescription lenses, try new eye drops
    * TBUT Tear breakup time test / Meibomian gland express
    * Consider IPL (intense pulse light) treatment by dryeye clinic in London
    * Eye exercises

    All I want to know is that the tears are forming correctly so I can isolate the room cause of things, I’m 41 and been a heavy PC user of the last 25 years so I guess this day was coming but it feels it’s been triggered from the light exposure so I’m wondering if that’s my main issue really. I do run business stuff at day and play games at night but neither are an option now; I’m even considering ways to totally avoid a career with computers but that’s just not feasible and digital is the safest place to be running a business these days!

    I'm In okay shape, don’t smoke or drink to excess and do exercise. In the last 7 years I’ve used a 24 inch Benq TN panel which I’d have thought was worse for eye strain and although I did have issues with this one too I was okay after getting some new prescription glasses and used a blue light software tool called iris.

    Ive joined here as the community seems really honest and friendly and I’m willing to give anything a go. It looks like you guys have been in my shoes and managed to get cured or manage the situation, I hope I can learn from your experiences so that I don’t have to give up my career pretty much.

    I’m in Leeds but not sure on who to see or the right tests to organise

    cheers in advance

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