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Anyone in Australia wearing Boston PROSE lenses?

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  • Anyone in Australia wearing Boston PROSE lenses?


    I'm new on the site and wondered if there is anyone in Australia wearing the Boston PROSE lenses?

    Did you travel to Boston to get them fitted?

    How are you finding them?

    I have extremely dry eyes from GVHD from and bone marrow transplant and I'm looking for some relief from my dry, irritable, RED eyes.

    Look forward to hearing from anyone in Australia who has them.


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    Hi Helen,
    Sorry about your diagnosis. Although I haven't been to BFS I've had Scleral Lenses fitted numerous times here. It all depends on the experience of the fitter and the equipment the have available. I'd need to speak with you on the phone, I'm in Victoria.


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      Thanks for your reply, I'm glad to hear you can get Scleral Lenses in Australia and from the research I've been doing it does seem to be a case of finding the best eye doctor to do it. It would be good to speak to you over the phone, do you want to give me your number over the site or your email address?

      Thanks helen


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        anyone have advice on the best place to get sclerals in australia? I'd be willing to travel to boston in future however first up would be good to get some made locally just to see how i go with them.


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          Hi Haden, I've had a good fit with a scleral fitter in Melbourne, although it has taken quiet a few attempts to get comfortable (not unusual with sclerals). I can make recommendations for brisbane and WA.


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            I know at least a few people in Aus with PROSE. Remembering names etc off the top of my head, probably not... just people I get emails from once a year or so. But they definitely exist. BFS might possibly be able to put you in touch if you ask, I wonder?
            Rebecca Petris
            The Dry Eye Zone


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              Thanks for the replies. Yea DCR if you could recommend for eastern oz (ill prob be working in sydney next year) i will start looking into it further re costs etc. Can you pm on this website or do u want to email me?

              Rebecca - yea good idea ill send them an email. I read your thread about sclerals from 2007, that threadis closed now. Do you have any recent posts about how they are going now you can direct me to? the opthamologist told me they can lead to other problems like ulcers, just wondering if youve had any negative effects after wearing them for so long. As ive never worn contacts i think they would take me some getting used to but i need to try it might mean i can get some normality back in my life and some pain reduction. Is a PROSE lens any different to a normal scleral, or is it just a brand name for the exact same thing?



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