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Scleral lenses advisable for dry eyes?

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    The foam sounds interesting - I think I may try that too. I've mostly been using baby shampoo because the scrubs I tried before were too rough. let me know how it goes for you!

    I find running a fan over a humidifier filter or a vaporizer near my bed at night to increase the humidity of the room helped a little too.

    I don't have an official warm compress, but at night I wet a washcloth and let that sit on my eyes until it cools to give them that extra boost before bedtime. I then tape my eye shut with saline wetted nexcare bandages. It makes a huge difference in the morning, but it's not a perfect solution (leaves marks on my face!) and probably not something you want to try with 2 eyes at once!


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      Hi L8rgator. Yes, all wipes and foam lid scrubs and baby shampoo either didn't help or irritated my eyes except the Ocusoft Lid Scrub Plus Foam (non-Platunum). One of the doctors who did my probe procedure highly recommended using this Plus one because it addressed the bacteria while still being gentle, and he said the foam version was important because it can really get into the little gland crevices. I still rinse it after with preservative-free saline.

      Interesting idea about running a fan over the humidifier. Was always thinking the moisture was not spreading throughout the room when I used to use a humidifier.

      I used the ThermalOn compress. It molds well to the eyes, and stays warm for ~10 minutes after heating up just once in microwave:

      I'm glad the saline-wetted bandages help you, that's a good idea. I wonder if you put something like the EyeSeals 4.0 over that instead of tape, would that work and be less hassle? I believe there's also foam inserts you can try using instead of the bandages.


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