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    Originally posted by Scout View Post
    Thanks for bringing this up, robster. And thanks to Rebecca and The Almighty for looking into it. It has been this way for a long time. I was so frustrated with it that I just stopped adding to people's reputations.

    The problem for me is that I usually read the posts that are more focused on the symptoms or the issues that resonate with me and my own symptoms. So it is not unusual that the same person may add more than one very useful tidbit that helps me.

    I tried to add more mojo to one of those people who was particularly helpful and was told I could not because I had previously done so. I thought it was a time thing, but it told me to give someone else mojo first. I tried that but it still did not work. I didn't realize that I needed to add to FIVE other persons' mojo before rewarding someone again.

    I just stopped adding to people's reputations because it was frustrating.

    Yeah, I think this could be tweaked a bit. Thanks!

    FYI, Rebecca has set the "Reputation User Spread" to zero, so you shouldn't run into that limitation any more.

    Regarding Reputations and any other "features" of the this bulletin board which seem problematic or confusing, everyone is encouraged to give feedback to Rebecca, either via PM or in a new thread.


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