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Xidra- Should I get my hopes up?!

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  • Xidra- Should I get my hopes up?!

    As there are talks that Xidra will hopefully be available in the UK next August im just wondering for those that have tried/currently using Xidra, did it help? In % terms, how much improvement ? I've finally figured out that my issue is more aqueous deficiency. From my IPL treatment I seem to be producing good and clear oil.

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    From what I read in this forum and reviews, Xiidra is more effective. Personally, Restatsis did nothing for me. I started Xiidra again and I got a bit better. AT least I do not have headach anymore.


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      I personally believe theres a place for both drugs. They have different mechanism of action. I am personally on both Xiidra and Restasis.


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        What does Xiidra do? How much is it?


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          Not sure it'll be available that soon. Appraisal starts in Jul 2019. Could be at least a year from that point I think?


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            I think I had some kind of reaction to it. Either way it did not help and after four months I stopped it. I am on Restasis though.

            My partner (mild dry eye) seemed to benefit from it as he has more classic symptoms like burning. I have weird symptoms.

            edit. I would actually say Xiidra made me worse.
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              Oh maybe I got it wrong, maybe not out next year. deep_dry_eye Does being on both restatis and xidra benefit you a lot? Can you work etc? Are you OK in air conned environments?


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                i went from being bed ridden to 10 hrs per day working in front of computer. i do monthly ipl, xiidra, restasis, as well as omega 3 and gla. i also did prokera in one of my eye


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                  deep_dry_eye Good to hear how far you've come! I have a worse eye also- my right... Seems to be the issues at the moment. Life would be bearable if it was the same as the left


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