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    As someone who was also housebound/bedridden for a while I would steer towards sclerals ASAP. They take a while to be fitted properly unless you are lucky or go somewhere like Laserfit or PROSE in boston. Once you have sclerals that pain should dramatically decrease. I wont say it will be gone since for me its not totally gone but the difference is significant.

    I also take gabapentin for pain. Not sure if pain medication is given out in the UK. Or how that is handled.

    My view of your situation is your eyes are very painful , burning, etc and most glands are gone. While IPL will help, sclerals will try to solve the issue by covering the eye. Thats my view.


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      Originally posted by holly123 View Post
      What blinking exercises do you do? I use Blephaclean wipes twice a day

      I used to use Blephaclean, but now use Optase lid wipes instead I feel like my lid margins are alot cleaner.


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        Holly, I agree sclerals could help a lot, providing some material and immediate relief. I have many atrophied glands so will always have some degree of dry eyes, but sclerals help manage this dryness. Even when I donít wear my sclerals for a few days, my eyes still feel decent because I believe the sclerals protected and moisturized the surface of my eyes the days before. Some people can not tolerate sclerals, but having a skilled scleral fitter can greatly improve your success being able to wear them.

        I would recommend still trying to keep the remaining glands you have functioning with more IPL sessions, diet changes, etc. I was able to save my remaining glands with probing and diet changes, and likely helped by constant blinking exercises. Prior to this I had zero oil, so can definitely say having some oil now makes a difference than having none.

        I was homebound for several years and was starting to think I could never get better, but I did. I am hopeful for you too.


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          Thanks for the reply. I am hoping to try sclerals but have to wait for stye to go . I am fearful eyes will be too dry as they seem to be getting a lot worse ever day. What blinking exercises did you try. Am trying to eat a healthy diet and may try some different supplements.


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            Thereís many different versions of blinking exercises, but this is the one I use:


            My glands were blocked, many with scar tissue, so it seems the blinking exercises were not very helpful, at least for my situation, until after probing unblocked my glands.

            Try not to worry too much about your eyes being too dry for sclerals. Sclerals has helped many with dry eyes, so just wait for the consult to see if you can tolerate them. It could take several fittings to get them to a decent comfort level.


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              Originally posted by holly123 View Post
              Thanks for the replies. Am scheduled to have 2 more IPLs although have been told only have 20 -30% of glands left. Really feel like sclerals are my last hope. Am seeing the optomotrist this Thursday
              Hi holly, I was wondering if you have taken any accutane and or systemic drugs (anti depressants/ antipsychotics/SSRIís?) if I may ask. The reason being is they say there is a correlation between all these things and dry eyes. Had you also spent a lot of time behind a computer for your job/ how has your diet been. All these contribute to substantial gland loss. I too have lossed a lot of glands and Iím only 26 years old. Iím trying to find the reason but I donít believe Iíll ever find it as there is way too many to pinpoint. Thatís why I ask you to see if there may be a correlation between diagnosis. Thanks


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                I did take accutane about 30 years ago


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