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my cousin -yrs ago-lasik/blindness & settlement

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  • my cousin -yrs ago-lasik/blindness & settlement

    hi there
    my mom and i were visiting today and we were discussing eye stuff and she brought up that my cousin had had lasik -oh it was probably around 20 years ago or so-anyway, he went partially blind in one eye from it and got a settlement.. i guess now they make you sign papers or something saying there cannot be a lawsuit??

    I just wanted to inform everyone. I would never get lasik as i have dry eye from sjogrens. but even before i knew that i knew what my cousin went through and thought i would never take that risk. So many do not know though of the dangers if they don't know someone personally or research it--i know now more is known.

    yeah he got a lot of $ but lost some of his sight..

    I wasn't sure if anyone else on here had that happen and i hope not..

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    Thanks a lot for sharing the story