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Lasik glares halos starburst poor night vision

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  • Lasik glares halos starburst poor night vision

    I had lasik last september (7 months ago). Surgery was uneventful, custom aspherical programme using microkeratome was selected with a 6.6mm treatment zone. Been suffering from severe halos, glares and photosensitivity with little improvement since surgery. Unable to drive at night due to oncoming headlights of cars and affecting career. Before lasik, I never needed to wear sun glasses and it was basically just an accessory. But since lasik, I am unable to go out without sunglasses and a hat. Even jogging in the evenings WITH sun glasses are difficult as I can jog away from the sun, but I find great difficulty jogging facing the sun. I also notice a downward film of light coming from any light source. E.g. computer screens, windows, lamps etc.It is a little difficult to explain, but it is as if the lights are bleeding downwards. These downward films of light do go away if I open my eyes really wide but obviously I can't open my eyes that wide all the time. Contrast sensitivity has also been decreased. Eyes are a little dry but manageable. Symptoms are in both eyes.
    Have straight eyes, full movements, normal fundi, clear cornea and orbscans are very good.

    Had some higher order aberrations on left aberrometry scan but nothing of significance. Also, had some microstriae on left flap .Small amount of astigmatism which are corrected by glasses but did not help with symptoms. Had a flap relift to treat microstriae, HOA, astigmatism and increase the optical zone to 7.0mm in March 2015. Unfortunately, symptoms still remain.
    Pupil measurements was measured before flap relift and was 6.3mm in normal light and 7.5mm in dim light for both eyes.

    Have attempted
    Pilocarpine 2.0% w/v PRN - causes intolerable headaches
    Alphagan - does not help with symptoms at day or night
    Pred Mild 0.12% sterile drops - used for 2 month

    Celluvisc 0.5% - still currently using
    Doxycycline 100mg OD - for 2 months
    Omega fish oil

    Have seen 2 refractive ophthalmologist who cannot detect any pathology in eye. I would appreciate any suggestions, as this is deeply affecting my career.

    I wonder if any of you have experienced these problems (glares, starburst, photosensitivity) 7 months post op or longer and did it improve? More importantly, did it go away? I also wonder if scleral lenses would actually help having said that I don't have much HOA. I very much regret having lasik done but trying my best not to look back but to look forward and to find out ways to manage with it.

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    Hi Wei,

    I have a friend who had lasik and had halos straight after. They were not debilitating as yours seem. However they did reduce as time went one. I think it should get better as you heal. What has your doc said? x
    Living a Lasik nightmare - Wake me up!!