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Can allergy cause dry eye?

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  • Can allergy cause dry eye?

    For 4 months I have allergy in my eyes.
    Along with it I started to have dry eyes.
    It seems that whan allergy symptoms lessen, eyes are less dry.
    Can allregy cause dry eyes?

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    Antihistamines can cause dry eyes.


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      Yes, allergies (and surely the medications we take to get over them--antihistamines) exacerbate dry eyes. This is very prominent in hotels and buildings that have less-than-stellar air filtering systems, especially Air Conditioning. I carry Naphcon-A with me, and also rinse my eyes with a natural tears product. I know people say that one should not use Naphcon-A a lot, but my experience has been different. I use a tiny bit and have never had a backlash of dependency on it. Beware of airplanes, too, when we used to fly!!!


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        I am unsure now if the cause of what I feel is allergy.
        Maybe doctor says it is just because doctor tried to help somehow.
        Allergologist says I am allergic to dust mites, but I have always been, and it is unlikely that I will experience it only in my eyes, and not nose, and also that it exploded suddenly 4 months ago.
        My symptoms are sensitivity to wind, and feeling of pain as if my eyelids are streched. This are not normally allergy symptoms.
        He gave me oral antihistamines, and says if it is allergy, it should improve in 1-2 weeks.
        I have also been using antihistamine eye drops for a week and not much improvement.
        e.g. When I used steroids for a week I felt improvement in the first 2 days, and then it stayed.
        Seems doctors don't really know what is the problem.