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Annual eye exam

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  • Annual eye exam

    Hi, I went in and got my vision checked at the Optometrist today, he is a very nice man, the gal who took me back for the peripheral vision test and photo, was shocked when I told her how ofter I used drops in my eyes. Dr. was surprised too, but said that my eyes looked really good, and that keeping up on the drops must be a big part of it, I asked him if he ever saw anyone who did not produce tears start back up, he did say that he has seen a lot of pt. with DES, and his experience is that its continuous, that finding a manageable routine is the thing that gets them through, we talked a bit about the likelihood of Sjogren's, which I tested neg for and he asked me if I had any of the other symptoms, such as dry mouth, or arthritis, I don't, in his opinion I don't have it. but he said that once you have come this far, its unlikely that it will get better, completely. Any thoughts on this? Oh he did ask me if I was taking the fish oil, I said yes, and Flax, primrose, along with several other supplements. I guess I wasn't too upset because my eyes are doing pretty good right now.

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    I've been told the same about Sjogren's, that if mouth isn't dry I didn't have it. Mouth had been dry for years, but improved when treated the chemical allergy problem (w/avoidance), but by then had been through a Sjogren's biopsy which was negative.

    They've always said my eyes look great too, due to heavy drop use I was on, even when eyes were incredibly painful and inner lids were blood red & outer/upper lids purple-red. I think "great" meant no permanent damage to the cornea.

    Also was told the same about dry eyes by the ophthalmologist and the corneal specialist, that DES doesn't get better. But mine has, because of the undiagnosed formaldehyde & BAK hypersensitivities and Xalatan contributing to it and because of the fish/flax regimen (in my opinion). Still have DES but definitely making more tears and eyes much less painful. So I guess if there is something contributing to the DES for you and it's something treatable, they could get better.

    I've experimented with my fish and flax oil regimen and learned that, for me, I need the entire "recommended" dose, according to each bottle, each day. Just taking one doesn't do as well.

    I'm glad to hear your eyes are doing better at present!



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      Thanks Mary, I do think that like you I have some definate hypersensitivity to some things (Have eczema, had hayfever, some asthma) Don't know quite what right now, but I do know that I delveloped a allergy, or sensitivity to a lot of the drops I've used, including preservative free! I was careful to choose drops whoes main ingredient was different, and still had problems, I'm now using similasa allergy eyes and found this to be the best drop so far for me, was really bummed I could not use the sustane ultra as it really seemed to coat my eye and last longer in the eye, but alas my lids began to swell and skin look weird around my eyes. Its really a trial and error thing with me. glad I found something that for now at least is a great help.