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Eye friendly anti-depressants?

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  • Eye friendly anti-depressants?

    I think I might get myself to a doctor for some anti depressants/ anxiety medication. Just worried because Iíve read some things about them being bad for dry eye?

    But I donít really know what else to do. Feeling really low and just canít stop crying. The pain makes me so anxious and looking in the mirror just makes me cry everyday. I really donít know how I have ended up here.

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    I'm currently taking Sertraline, it doesn't list dry eye as a common side effect, my GP told me the modern antidepressants don't cause dry eyes. However, I've found evidence googling around that it does. I spoke to my consultant about it and he suggested it wouldn't help my dry eye but it's a trade-off between my mental health and managing my dry eye.

    pythonidler has done an excellent guide on here about computer induced dry eye. He mentions nortriptyline is one of the few that doesn't cause dry eye. I spoke to my GP who was willing to swap me over but it's an older style antidepressant which is normally prescribed to people with chronic pain, to be taken at night. One of its major side effects is drowsiness taking 12 hours to get out of the system. This is why it's useful for people struggling with chronic pain and trouble sleeping because of it.