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Itchy outside corner of eye, PLEASE HELP!

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  • Itchy outside corner of eye, PLEASE HELP!

    The outside corner of my left eye gets so itchy. When i rub it, it gets worse and worse until it feels like there is a lump under it. This itches until i leave it and it sorts itself out over the course of the day. It normally starts itching at night, but it can be in the morning or any part of the day. The rest of my eyes and eye lids are fine, they can get dry sometimes and itch every now and again but nowhere near as badly as this one corner.
    If anyone could help it would be appreciated, it really is getting me down.

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    This happens to me as well—sometimes daily. After years of trying to figure this out, I have found that it is an allergy or sensitivity.

    For the eyes and the skin around the eyes, it is typically an environmental irritant rather than a traditional allergen that sets off an allergic inflammation. But allergens (like pollen and dust) can also cause this.

    I have found that there are many things in my environment that can cause this inflammatory reaction. I have tried to eliminate all kinds of facial and skin products, shampoos, soaps, etc. that could trigger this reaction and it has really helped a great deal to reduce this.

    In addition to trying to find the source of the irritation and remove it from my environment, I use a thin application of Vaseline (petroleum jelly) daily around the corner of my eyes. This keeps the skin moist so it is more protected from the effects of environmental irritants.

    Since for you, it is worse in the morning, check around your bedroom, bedding, pillow, etc. to see if there is anything that could be a possible trigger for this inflammation. For instance, the detergent you use for your pillowcase and bedding, the shampoo you use in your hair and any product your use on your face (which would be all over your pillow). Be sure to check out all the eye drops you are using as well, since eye drops can be a source of allergic inflammation on the skin around the eyes as they drip out onto your skin.

    For me, it has been really important to get this under control because I have a tendency to develop eczema around my eyes if the irritation worsens.

    I hope this helps.