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Exercise and Dry Eye (sweat an issue)

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  • Exercise and Dry Eye (sweat an issue)

    Hi all.

    I have found relief through use of Restasis to the point where the dry eye is tolerable and very manageable. I am back to using the computer for work w/ out any serious issue. I still use systane 3-5 times throughout the day in a 9 hour work day but that is heaven compared to before.

    I do find that during working out (I do Judo and wrestling) that the eyes feel amazing. Probably due to excess sweat (basically saline) in my eyes. Afterwards however, my eyes burn from that same salt in the sweat.

    Aside from a headband, I was thinking that I could simply use purified sterile water (boiled water that's cooled down) to consistently wash my eyes out during workout. i'd use an eyewash, but all those bottled solutions have preservatives. I don't want to use my Systane preservative free vials for this because it's way too cost prohibitive to do that.

    Does this make sense?
    Anyone see an issue w/ this or have alternative?

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    have you tried halo headband? do a google on halo, slightly better than normal headband......

    i used halo headband for my long distance runs + a wristband


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      Hi. It's been a while since I have visited this site, and I stopped by to browse when I noticed your post. Yes! Someone else who has notice the difference during a work out session. I have been noticing for a while now that whenever I work out - and work up a sweat - that my eyes feel amazing. The more intense the work out; the better my eyes feel. Even under fans which normally kill me. I had been wondering if I was crazy (but that's another story), and then I read a blurb in a magazine that doing deep breathing for so many minutes (?) helped dry eyes. I don't remember the details (there weren't many anyway), but I wonder if the fact that a lot of deep breathing goes on during exercise is what makes my eyes feel better. Thanks for your post. Just another confirmation that I am not imagining this.


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        I have a similar issue where my eyes are dry the day/days post workout. I read this article which may help anyone with these issues.