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best/safest eye cream and facial moisturizer/and washfor senstive eyes?

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  • best/safest eye cream and facial moisturizer/and washfor senstive eyes?

    my eye doc wants me to use nothing on my eyes and face--well i am ext dry from sjogrens and have rosacea so i have to use something..he recommended clinique as a moisturizer for the skin and under the eye....but i am not finding a lot about it online..
    was curious as to what works for most of you? (i know everyone is dif).. also i have tried jojoba oil--cant use that near the eyes as it gets in and irritates them.. i also tried reg petroleum jelly but my eye doc acted like that could be an irritant?? not sure how asits in eye ointments..

    anyway.i have now used refresh pm starting today-on the outside of my eyes--if it is safe to use in the eye how it can it not bbe safe for outside..
    i am thinking of going to the dept store and checking out clinique tho..?? thoughts// help?? thanks gals!!!
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    I've used RefreshPM inside of my eyes. If it doesn't work by putting it on your lid margins, many doctors will suggest you put a certain amount in the pocket of your lower lid. Turns out I'm sensitive to it so I only use it on rare occasion when my dryness requires something more powerful than regular drops and plastic wrap at night.

    Clinique is an Estee Lauder brand that was developed for sensitive skin. You might contact the company to see if they can supply you with specific information


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      I use Refresh PM close to my eyes and Vanicream moisturizer on the rest of my face. Not brave enough to use the Vanicream near my eyes but this combination has worked great for me - and not expensive.
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        We got instant skin flareups on Clinique rosacea products and cover-up makeup. However, we got all our money back under their guarantee. In case you missed it, here's Scout from yesterday. Don't get me wrong, I do like Clinique myself very much but unfortunately LM is too sensitive.
        In my own case, I discovered that the scented lotion I was using from Clinique was the WORST offender for my eye inflammation and I had used it for YEARS! I got so much relief when I stopped using it that I was shocked.
        We get good results with honey + beeswax moisturisers. Currently happy on Dr Organic Manuka Honey moisturiser. Also all the Medihoney Derma Cream range. There must be no perfume or preservatives. Same with facewashes, also pH neutral. In UK, medical honey is used experimentally as an antibacterial especially for unresponsive infection. I've talked to docs including derms about how compatible the beeswax emollients appear to be with human skin and they have been surprisingly interested.
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          I use a moisturizer with spf because of rosacea and I'm also on doxycycline so my skin is very sensitive to the sun. I have tried a lot of different brands and I have found that Cetaphil is one of the better ones for people with sensitive skin. I can go out in the sun and play 18 holes of golf using this on my face with no problem. I know I'm not a girl, but I hope this helps.