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    I am about to try a Prokera lens for chronically sore dry eyes. Any success stories or bad experiences? Advice?

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    Yes I had both eyes done and I had fantastic results, what is the cause of your dry eye?


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      About 18 months ago I noticed clouds in my vision while reading. I am an avid reader and moderate computer user. I had been getting mucus in the corners of my eyes. My eye doctor thought my beginning cataracts might be the cause and sent me to an eye surgeon. (I am now 64 and in great general health. ) I had (unnecessary) cataract surgery in both eyes,replacing my excellent near vision with multi focal IOLs. After the surgery,I could see far,but require bright light for reading. The clouds never went away....Within 3 months, I was diagnosed with severe dry eye. OTC drops just seem to dry my eyes further.Started Restasis 12/14; helps some but makes my eyes feel swollen. Plugs fell out or disappeared down the canal.
      Bottom line: the more I used my eyes for close work, the sorer they got. By 6 p.m. they hurt,whether open or closed.
      So now I am on day 5 with the Prokera lens. If I try to do too much, the lens rubs and my eye gets runny and goopy.
      How long did you wear the lens? Did you wait until your vision cleared? Was your vision clear right after the lens was removed?
      Thanks for your patience reading my tale.


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        Hi yes your vision should be clear after the prokera is removed, although your eyes may be swollen a bit after they are taken out, I was prescribed steroids post op both times and they helped. Anyway I hope all goes well!


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          Lens out of right eye after 5 days. Sooo much more comfortable for 4 days. Then I worked for 8 hours and didn't put any drops in until midday. Argh! Sore eyes again. Hard to tell if it's one or both eyes. Interesting note: while I wore the Prokera lens in my right eye, my left( untreated) eye felt pretty good. I think with chronic mild-moderate soreness, it's hard to localize the discomfort. Not sure whether soreness is mostly in my left eye now and whether I should get a Prokera lens for that eye.
          I realize that I still have to figure out out a solution for the underlying dryness or I'll be back where I started. I am pretty sure it's MGD.


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            occhi nuovi how are you feeling now? was the prokera a success for you? Did you end up treating your other eye as well?