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No improvement with Autologous Serum Drops

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  • No improvement with Autologous Serum Drops

    It's only been a few weeks, but still, isn't some improvement warranted? I am so bummed as it was expensive, but mostly because I had high hopes. Now I know how lipiflow folks feel only to a lesser degree because while it's expensive, it's at least much less so. I read an article that serum tears was no better than artificial tears

    I have been doing worse in fact but I don't know why. The 3 new things I began are warm compresses, restasis and serum. Either one or a combo is making me worse or I am worse for unrelated reasons. Not sure what's going on. Their all new to me except I took restasis years ago too, without improvement.

    Also it's taking a while to finish one bottle due to only being able to use it before and after work. I am wondering how long it's safe to stay in the fridge? The rest are in the freezer. Thanks!

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    It didn't do anything for me either, yeah it's discouraging because of the price (costed me $180) In fact, I felt worse throughout the time I was using them for some strange reason.

    I had that question myself too, about how long the drops can stay on the freezer. I remember that back then I call them and I got an answer, you should give them a call too. I don't remember the exact time they told me, but it was pretty long, like 10-12 months I believe if I'm not mistaken.


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      thank you Daniel. I am sorry they didn't work for you either. I too am worse and wondered if they were the cause? Or is it the hot compresses, or the restasis, since all are things I recently began. I was worried about how long the current bottle you are using can last in the fridge. I called the place I got them from and was told to ask my doctor, well the doctor is not responding to me so that's not working. So she then said some doctors say a week, others a month. I am only 1/3 done with the one bottle. I wish i knew if it was infected or not. I've had it there for more than a month now. I have to check the exact date I got them. Not sure if I should even continue with the ones in the freezer, worried if they can worsen a condition now that you mention you got worse. Did you get back to your baseline when you stopped? Thanks Daniel.


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        Autologous serum tears are good for a week once thawed. Frozen tears are good for 6 months.