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Autologus Serum Drops and Longevity

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  • Autologus Serum Drops and Longevity

    I've been following the forums here for about a year, although I haven't posted until now. I'll certainly do an introduction at some point but have a pressing question.

    In about two weeks I'll be starting autologus serum drops. This is completely new to me and of course it's fairly costly. The pharmacy will be dispensing 30 x 2mL bottles intended to last one month. While I don't know how many drops per day are suggested, my guess is that 2 mL can last me at least 3 days.

    Other serum users, do you thaw a fresh bottle of serum every day or do you use them over the course of a few days? I'd love to extend those 30 bottles to every 3 months if possible. It might actually be affordable enough to continue long term at that rate. I'm looking for any feedback as to whether or not this is safe.

    Edited: Because I got the quantity of the bottles incorrect. All is well now.

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    Hi Queue,
    I was told to use each bottle for 1 week. I don't know how many mL are there in the each bottle, but it's enough for 6 drops in both eyes per day.And I even have some extra drops after a week.