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Warm Compresses

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  • Warm Compresses

    I have been doing these 2 times a day and the oils come out really well (esp in my right eye which is the worst eye). So if the oils are coming out pretty good does that mean my glands are pretty clogged ? Also should I be doing the warm compresses more than once ? i was thinking about increasing them to 3 times a day since my eyes have been getting worse lately.

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    Hi alb1967

    warm compresses are only some times good. But in long term it is not good for eyes. Try to cool your whole body you will get very good results.

    room temperature portable water enema cools your eye very nicely.
    dip your eyes (face) in cool water you cool your eyes and face.
    drink lot of natural fruit juices (not preserved packed drinks)
    Raw eating cures all deceases.
    whole body cure is eye cure
    FOOD (Natural, chemical free), Environment (air, water, noise), Relaxed Mind makes decease free