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Fourth LipiView

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  • Fourth LipiView

    I had my fourth LipiView (assessment). My scores declined (i.e., lipid layers decreased). I don't know why my numbers decreased except that maybe it was due to my not wearing moisture chambers the entire day prior to the test. But who knows?!?! I will go again in March or April to be re-assessed and I'll post another update.

    For most recent chart, see

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    If you want to read my prior posts on LipiView and/or LipiFlow, they are:

    First appointment in Toronto ON:

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      Hi spmcc,
      I'm just wondering what the cost to benefit ratio is with LipiFlow? Based on your experience so far, does the cost outweigh the benefit?


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        so it doesnt sound like Lipiflow lasts the12 months they claim it does? am i correct on this? thanks.. i was considering it cause they offer it outside of st.louis-about 3 hours from me


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          Curious as to if you feel any better?



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            Yes, I'm feeling better... but I am cautiously optimistic (as everyone is who has suffered from this for years and had many failures).

            As for cost to benefit ratio, I think only time will tell. I have never heard any claims that LipiFlow shows results within a certain amount of time and remains for a certain amount of time. I'm waiting for my next assessment (March or April) to figure out if my latest scores were an anomaly or the beginning of a downward trend.

            In general, my best treatments so far are having all puncta sealed and wearing Wileys 24/7.

            FYI My diagnosis is ocular rosacea since 1995. I have never had refractive surgery.