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My Experience With IPL

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    Originally posted by Lena11 View Post
    Adding my ipl experience. I've had three sessions now and not felt any difference though my tbut has gone from about 3 to 6. My oil started off a bit thick and cloudy with some blocked glands and this doesn't seem to have changed. I have one more session booked in April and a review then but so far this doesn't seem like a miracle cure for me. I do have aqueous problems too though and maybe some corneal neuropathy which might be why I feel no better.
    Some people felt change after 6 or 7 session. your TBut doubled and it is a big success. dont lose hope


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      Originally posted by konadog15 View Post
      Past treatments include Azasite, oral azithromycin (I'm allergic to tetracyclines), Restasis, every preservative free eye drop on the market, warm wash cloths, autologous serum tears (I think these have been the single most helpful thing so far for my aqueous tear deficiency) Omega fatty acid supplements, home humidification system, tacrolimus ointment for my inflamed lids.

      I am also taking hydroxychloroquine and leflunamide for my Sjogrens. When I started the hydroxychloroquine for my Sjogrens fatigue and arthritis my eyes seemed to get better after a couple of months. That lasted for about 6 months and they have been worse than ever since then.

      Again, really hoping that IPL helps as I have truly exhausted my options
      Hi Konadog

      Hope you now have found more relief. If not, good to look into these:

      GLA: Have you added this? study shows the combination of GLA + omega 3 works more effective than omega 3 alone.

      demodex: do you use lid cleanser/wiper with tea tree oil, Cliradex for example.

      Lid cleanser with pure HOCL, like Avenova, is effective/safe, to control bacteria overgrow.

      TrueTear & xiidra drop

      Good luck!
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