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Removing clear yellow heads from the meibomiam gland!

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  • Removing clear yellow heads from the meibomiam gland!

    After a hot shower and gland expression i usually get these hard clear yellow heads forming over my meibomiam gland orifices due to blocked glands oils freeing up almost like hypersecretion and within a few days they disappear ..but a few days ago after a shower i got a big one that wouldnt budge at it was bugging me!.. so i used a toothpick to remove it..i used the toothpick to scrape it off and then the yellow bubble burst and now i see just the empty bubble sack over the gland orifice.

    Question is should i be scraping off the hyper secreted hardened oil bubbles or could it cause problems like gland orifice scarring due to irritating the lid margin etc.

    Heres a pic of the meibomiam gland oil bubble:
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    I'd consult a doctor. The fear I would have, with scraping anything like that off, is that you might be opening yourself up to potential infection.


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      I have taken a couple of these off in the past...left a bit of a crater on my lid which was a bit concerning, but each time healed up. As i have slowed down on the warm compresses and massage I haven't had one for a while. It's obviously a sign of viscous oils solidyfying after expression, leave 'em, sratch 'em, tough call, fair point by PotatoCakes


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        I use a pin or needle sterilized in some rubbing alcohol, then rinsed and dried. Those caps hurt, and once they are popped, I am OK. I used to get them all the time in the spring. I wouldn't use a toothpick. Your doctor will probably tell you to leave it alone, but does it hurt? You make the call, but if you operate on yourself, be gentle, don't shoot your eye out, and sterilize everything. PC is right, and so was Ralphie's mom.