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Meibomian gland expression

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  • Meibomian gland expression

    Hi all,
    this Collins MG expressor forcep seems to be the most efficient tool available currenty.

    Unfortunately, the majority of ophthalmologists do use the forceps with rollers, this Expression is more painful.
    The upper lid Glands do produce about 60% of the meibum, but most ophthalmologists do not express the upper
    glands very careful and they are performing the Expression much too fast.
    Even if the glands have been warmed-up, the Expression - applied pressure should take 30 sec. at one spot.
    In order to perform a optimal MG expression, it is also necessary to insert a corneal protective shield before
    the expression is taking place. That makes it possible to have a good expression of all glands.
    After the warming of the lids-glands, the glands cool-down very soon - within less than a Minute.

    Here in central europe, no ophthalmologist does warm-up the eyelids, before doing the expression or MG probing!
    Without the warming-up - liquifying of the sticky meibum, it is not possible to express the glands in severe cases.
    So the efficacy of the probing and the expressions are not very high.

    Here some patients are using the Mastrota paddle or the Collins MGE forceps at home.
    But then it is necessary to insert a protective thick CL before the Expression.