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    My son had BlephEx two days ago. After the procedure, his dr. noticed that it was easier to express his glands. Unfortunately, we haven't seen any immediate improvement in his symptoms . He is 29, has MGD and evaporative dry eye.


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      I had Blephex a couple of weeks ago. After the procedure, my eyes felt (and looked) more wide awake than they had for a long time. Unfortunately, the soreness and discomfort returned within hours, so I felt disappointed.

      I provided the optician with feedback; I have decided to have a couple of more treatments to give things a bit more of a chance. The optician offered a discount so thought I may as well give it a try.


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        Okay... Not really convincing in the end :/


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          Well I'm not convinced about it at this stage -I've had the condition for an awfully long time, so that might make it tougher.

          The practice offering the procedure is only a few miles away from my house, which makes things a bit easier........not the same as travelling hundreds of miles to be disappointed.

          Who knows what will happen after today's treatment? I might feel different!


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            I had my 2nd Blephex treatment this morning, just over 2 weeks since the first one.

            The optician agreed that my eyes were far more 'sore looking' today than when he examined them initially; the MGs were blocked and the lids seemed more swollen.

            He repeated the process i.e. giving the lid margins a good clean with what resembled a rotating mascara brush, and he also went across the top of the MGs - which he didn't do with the first treatment.

            My eyes looked red and felt a bit sore afterwards but I don't mind putting up with that kind of thing it improves quality of life. Redness gone away now (about 4 hours after treatment) Eyes don't feel too bad, he wants me to have next treatment in around 3 weeks. I will of course keep a diary!


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              Within a week from his first BlephEx procedure, my son's eyes started to improve a bit. Hopefully , it will continue...Would be interesting to see if repeated treatments would provide even more relief.


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                I had my 3rd Blepxhex treatment last week; I will have the next one in around 3 weeks. The intervals have been getting a little longer each time.

                They felt very tender afterwards and looked a little pink - nothing major though.

                Sadly, I don't think it's been a success in my case, even though I have another one to go.


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                  Originally posted by Karmenligia View Post
                  Within a week from his first BlephEx procedure, my son's eyes started to improve a bit. Hopefully , it will continue...Would be interesting to see if repeated treatments would provide even more relief.

                  any updates?


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                    My son has only had one blephex procedure, and unfortunately hasn't noticed further improvement. The slight improvement he experienced after his first procedure may have been due to switching from cleaning his eyelids with diluted baby shampoo, to using mineral oil instead. After blephex, his doctor told him to discontinue the baby shampoo, as it could be irritating. Shortly after blephex, he had LOM debridement, and was told he had a lot of devitalized cell accumulation. So I am not sure of how efficient blephex was in cleaning and exfoliating the lids. His next step will probably be lipiflow. His meibomian glands are obstructed, but luckily none are atrophied, according to the meibography.


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                      Hello Again!

                      Sorry for the delay in my reply, I was away on holiday with my family.

                      I had my treatment on the 1st of July, as a reminder. After I returned from holiday I had a visit to my eye guy, on the 5th of September. He said that my eyelids looked much better than before. He was still able to get a bit of thick stuff out of my M Glands but he said it was much better thank before. No further clinic treatment is needed unless it gets worse again.

                      I am quite happy with my results actually, my lids have been much better in general. However I have to state a few things, as I mentioned before, my Blephex was combined with MG expression this may have helped more than the Blephex, there is no way for me to tell. I was also out of my normal environment for two months, I have also been much more diligent with my own lid care, I have tried different products and used alternating different methods of cleaning my lids. So please be cautious in making conclusions about how well it has worked for me, because maybe my improvement is due to other treatments and improved self cleaning and maybe nothing to do with Blephex.

                      So it has been over two months and I am happy with the results. Now the real test will come, I am back at work, and I have probably the worst job possible, in terms of being an aggravating factor to my problems. If I am comfortable at work this month I will be very happy. I will consider it a success if I don't need to return for treatment for six months, I would be happy to go for Blephex twice a year if it keeps my lids as comfortable as they are now.

                      Also forgot to mention that the clazions I had on my lower left lid and upper right have almost disappeared, improvement in both started after soon after treatment and now they have almost completely gone, this could be because I have had them a few months and they just decided to go away on their own, but I am convinced that there was a reduction in swelling within days of treatment.

                      I will keep updating.