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Indentation in my!

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  • Indentation in my!

    For a few weeks my right eye has felt like something is in it or rubbing on it when I blink. I finally noticed when looking at it from a certain angle that there is a noticeable indentation near my iris. I have dry eyes and mgd which I have been treating under my opthos care for years. I am seeing him in 3 days for a check up, but in the meantime I am scared and worried. What could this be and is it treatable? Thanks.

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    My doc said there is nothing in my eye. I update about this on the patient and pros forum. Anyway, upon better examination it looks like this area catches/reflects light differently than the rest of my eye's surface. My doc didn't really answer me when I brought this up, but it worries me that it's not smooth in this one spot. Is it normal to have areas like this. What does it mean? thanks.


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      Can you take a pic of it by chance?
      Rebecca Petris
      The Dry Eye Foundation


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        Hi Tiff,
        By any chance have you had any kind of surgery? I have places on each eye that I can a little indentation but I have had cataract surgery.


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          I will try to take a photo today. Nope, I've never had surgery.