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  • New Interesting Floater

    Last October I got my first floater. It was thin and threadlike and everyone here was great in explaining and educating me.

    Well I woke up this morning with a new floater which is totally different from my first one so I just wanted to check in.

    As I said, my first one was a thin threadlike thing, but this one is more of a blob. It actually looks like a black spider body with legs. There is no flashes, nothing else, just this blob in my left eye. I'm thinking this is just another way a floater can look but I wanted to check in.

    My dry eyes are actually pretty good since I'm out of a really stressful situation I was in. Just a bit of burning occasionally in my right eye.

    So thoughts please?

    Thanks, Mewkiss

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    I have probably 30+ floaters. I have high myopia (-10) and it's common to have these. My doctor said I shouldn't worry about my floaters unless there is a sudden increase (like one day you wake up to hundreds of floaters), because this could be a sign of detachment. Even though I have so many, I think I just programmed my brain to ignore them. I've had floaters since childhood. If you're concerned, I'm sure you can describe this to your doctor even with a phone call and they will advise whether or not you should be seen.

    Also--I don't think floaters are related to dry eye. My dry eye started 4 years ago, but my floaters have been with me longer.


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      Hi LisaC,

      I got my first floater last year so I came here because I didn't know who else to ask. I did find out they are not related to dry eyes as you suggested but people here are very smart about eyes.

      This one is like a blob in my eye vs. thready so I just wanted to make sure. I also find that people here are as smart as doctors and this is easier.

      Thanks for sharing.