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Resveratrol : my own personal results, and you ?

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  • Resveratrol : my own personal results, and you ?


    I'm new here and only registered to share my experience with dry eyes.

    I "caught" this disease when I started to treat my acne with roaccutane (isotretinoine).
    Dry eyes is a known side effect, that usually disappear when the drug is stopped, but did not in my case.

    Dry eyes (to both eyes) in my case went so bad that I had to go to the emergency room many times because of epithelium wounds (left eye only). I had a laser surgery to make the wound fixed definitely (it worked well).

    However, I still have DES since then, and am using drops every day : when waking up (it is really hurting), many times in the day, and before sleeping.

    Recently, I started a resveratrol supplement, only for it's general health benefits (dry eyes was not mentioned in what I've read). After two days, I noticed that my eyes were not as dry as usual, and that I needed less drops. Now that is 16 days, if I'm not wrong, and I can use drops only when waking up and when going to sleep. The difference is really significant, and people around me noticed (I was using drops very often).

    I hardly only take resveratrol, I'm taking a lot of stuff, so it's possible that resveratrol may enter in synergy with something else (fish oil, vitamin d, curcumin, vitamin c, etc...).

    I don't know if I'm allowed to name the brand I'm using ? It's a 250mg pill, with other stuff in it to improve absorption.

    I have emailed the company selling the product, and they told me that no studies indicates anything about resveratrol and dry eyes.

    I wanted to share my experience, in case it could help other people out there.
    I will update my post after more weeks and month of daily use, to confirm that DES in my case is really relieved.

    If anyone have experience to share about resveratrol use, I'm interested as well.


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    I did try taking resveratrol last year - I tried Holland and Barrett extra strength brand. I remember feeling like I was on a caffeine high all the time. From what I read at the time, the Holland and Barrett stuff probably wasn't great quality (the pill was brown - seem to remember this was bad). So stopped taking it. But I've read that resveratrol (grapes, red wine) can have a positive effect on blepharitis. That's all I can offer I'm afraid


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      hope your eyes are a little better now.

      Resveratrol is a potent antioxidant and anti inflammatory that could assist with fighting the inflammation cascade that is so often associated with dry eyes. I believe that Fortifeye products contain some resveratrol along with other inflammation fighters.

      I take 100-200mg a day with a good diet. I could probably also just drink more red wine! :-)



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        My eyes were find until recently so yes, the resveratrol is really working for me, it is a long time since my initial post :-)

        Last week however, I went for holidays to a warm and sunny place, at the other side of my country.
        The air is so drying there that even my girlfriend who does not usually have any problem with her eyes has a dry eyes feeling
        and is using occasionaly eye drops. For me, it results in drier eyes than usual that requires me to use again some eye drops while the day.

        I am confident however that as soon as I come back home, in a (unfortunately) more raining place, that everything will come back to normal.

        This shows that resveratrol can really help to give more tears and to relieve eye inflammation, but it does not reverse or cure it, for me at least.
        It is still such an improvement in life confort for me that I do plan to keep using it for now.

        I did not try wine though ;-)



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          Can you list the brand, you are allowed to do that on this site. I wont buy any brand- only brands that have been proven to work.
          I healed my dry eye with nutrition and detoxification. I'm now a Nutritional Therapist at: Join my dry eye facebook group:


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            Long time since visiting this forum and starting this thread. I wanted to reply to a private message, but the person does not allow PM :-)

            My answer to her question was about resveratrol brand I use :
            Originally posted by jenny2008
            what brand are you using? 250mg? if you dont mind me asking.thanks!
            Sorry for the very (very) late answer, I did not received the notification by email.

            I'm using the Life Extension brand :

            Recently, I had my best results with a supplement not targeted at all for eye treatment, I was surprised it had any effect at all, but since I barely need to use collyre :

            May be random luck, that would not work for anyone else, I don't know at all.

            All the best.

            My eyes are far better know, just a few drops while the day, although not necessary, and almost only necessary at night.

            My last eye check at hospital were ok.

            I wish you all the best!


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              I found Resveratrol helped me. It has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Whilst no direct studies have linked it to benefiting dry eyes, we can assume anything with good anti-inflammatory properties will help.


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                Hi, can you please tell which brand do you use and how much dose? According to this study it should boost testosterone: . But they used dose of 50 mg/kg.


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                  Good how much do we need to take it ?


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                    The general Resveratrol dose is 200mg/day. The best way to ensure high quality is to purchase from a Naturopath.


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                      Here is a link to a study that demonstrated that Resveratrol reduced CRP levels ( CRP is a general markers of inflammation) significantly at 500mg /day.

                      "Resveratrol significantly reduced C-reactive protein (CRP) and triglyceride concentrations, and increased Total Antioxidant Status (TAS) values".



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                        Hi, someone still on resveratrol and thinking it's helping them?

                        I ask becose a couple of months ago i started supplementing astaxanthin and resveratrol together but stopped as my eyes got noticeably worse in a matter of days.. now i cannot say for sure it was due to the new supplements but at the same time my eyes had been stable for quite some months and that sudden worsening seemed too much of a coincidence for me to not stop them immediately.

                        At first i suspected the culpright might be astaxantin as i was taking quite a bit compared to resveratrol dosage which was nothing excessive (to me the worsening looked like an allergy reaction) but when i tried to reintroduce resveratrol alone i somehow felt my eyes were starting to react again (up to day i haven't tried astaxantin again).

                        Thanks to anyone who might give some personal insight on their resveratrol and astaxantin response