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Getting punctal plugs very soon

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  • Getting punctal plugs very soon

    I'm going to get punctal plugs for dry eyes (decreased tear production) next week, and I'm very excited if it's going to work. Is there anything I should prepare my self for? I'm thinking of eye irritation and stuff.. Have anyone had great success with punctal plugs? Or is it likely that it doesn't work well?

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    Hi .i get this soon.i hope help me
    I hope hlep you too


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      Here is what I have found.
      1) They are relatively painless to insert and not noticable.
      2) The uppers are more likely to have a tendency to 'scratch' the eyeball
      3) Lowers alone were not enough for me
      4) Upper and lowers together are the one thing that has helped me the most, I will never be without them (I have Sjogrens)
      5) I finally had the upper cauterized to permanently close them (that was not easy but was worth it not to have the 'scratchy' feeling)
      6) Never get the type that cannot be removed unless they are dissolvable as these can cause infections and permanent damage.

      Good luck, I hope that they help you both as much as they have helped me.