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Absorbable plugs: does size matter?

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  • Absorbable plugs: does size matter?

    Hi. I have dry eyes and light sensitivity (I canít use computer monitors or TVs for more than some minutes, without progressive discomfort, and I canít be in a sunny day without dark glasses)

    I would like to try plugs to see how they work. In the best scenario, they could reduce the discomfort or just extend the period without putting in tear drops. Also, probably they would allow me to understand better what is going on. For example, if the eyes are well lubricated with natural tears, does this reduce light sensitivity, or the problem is previous to the solely and superficial quantity of liquid in front of the eyes? Even in this last case, does having the eyes more lubricated with natural tears, in the long term, help to regenerate goblet cells? I still donít have an answer to these questions (if someone does, please let me know it), but my more practical questions are:

    - A doctor offered me these plugs which are absorbable and temporary (they last 2-6 months) Has anybody tried this particular brand?

    - The doctor told me that he only have the smaller size (0,2mm), because it fits in every eye, but I read that in same cases the correct size of plug is important to obstruct properly the tears. In this case, do you think the size is important or not? (The plugs are covered by my medical plan)

    Another doctor has the Painless Plugs, another brand, which are made of silicon and are not temporary, the umbrella type. In principle, I think this type is older and they could touch the eye surface. The advantage would be that they are easily removed and if they work, they last more. I donít know if the absorbable ones could be uncomfortable, or make your eyes too watery. If this happens, if I am really uncomfortable, is it easy to remove them?