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How do you know if a plug fell out?

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  • How do you know if a plug fell out?

    I got lower plugs 2 days ago. I could occasionally feel the plug when I blinked on the first day.

    But now I can't feel the plugs at all. Even if I move my eyes around. Is it normal to not be able to feel your plugs? What can cause it fall out?

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    Take a look into a magnifying mirror, you can see them easily, just a little white plug where a hole would be. I sure would know if mine fell out because my eye would be killing me....F/G


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      For me I never noticed when mine came out. I have had many and all but one came out and that one was taken out. They tested it and said I was getting some kind of bacteria from it. So I gave up. But that was me. I am sure others may have had better luck. I couldn't see well enough to look as my eyesight is not the best after almost 65 years of dry eyes.


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        I could usually tell if one had came out because my eye would feel drier. Also Iím nearsighted so I could see the hole when the plug would fall out. All the plugs I had that fell out were too big for my tear ducts. They were more scratchy too. When I went a size small they were less scratchy and didnít fall out. My theory is if they are too big the cap rubs against the eye and eventually causes them to rub out of place.