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Long term use of steroid drops

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  • Long term use of steroid drops

    For references, I have MGD and aqueous deficiency.

    Is there anyone here who uses steroid drops on a regular basis? Iíve had a couple of courses over the last year. The most recent dr I am seeing recommends that I use hydrocortisone sodium phosphate eye drops twice a day for 10 days every 2 months to deal with the inflammation. I am a little concerned about cataract and glaucoma (my mom and her sister has this). Any thoughts on the matter? The Dr assured me that this wonít be a problem but I am a little doubtful....,

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    Do you know the concentration of the steroid?

    Let me tell you this, I'm on alrex .2% lotoprednol, been on it 3 months straight, my pressure went from 16-18 so no major jumps thank god. Usually that means they will be safe long I want to take steroids forever, hell no, do I have a choice, seems like I might not.

    Let me also say alrex is very safe and weak, it's used for allergies. If I come off them, which I plan to was meant to help me taper into restasis, if the inflammation comes back. I'm going off restasis and getting the alrex compounded without the preservative and just use it forever. Or until my eyes explode because I can't deal with the burning.

    ill look into the steroid you listed...he seems pretty conservative though not a bad plan just off the top of my head looking at it.
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      Just to add to this, I looked up studies on lotoprednol at .5% concnbtration and it's tolerated well for many years, the longest study I saw was 6 years and drop around over that time ranged from 350 drops to 3500 drops. No real issues in any of the patients. So I think if you're using lotoprednol, because it doesn't penetrate the eye well, because it dissipates quickly, it's pretty safe.


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        I would also be curious to hear about the experiences of others on long-term steroid use. I've been using PF dexamethasone 0.1% which is a strong steroid, for about 6 weeks but will be stopping soon. It has helped my MGD. Wouldn't it be great to take long-term? But I feel like with glaucoma and other side effects that is not an option, even lotemax I wouldn't feel comfortable taking long-term because of underlying changes to the eye. It's interesting the OP is benefiting from hydrocortisone eye drops since that is a popular steroid cream used to treat seborrheic dermatitis and rosacea I think. Amazing how these ailments might all be related.


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          I was on various steroid eye drops on and off for several years when I had severe dry eyes. Now I have early stage cataracts, which my doctor says is unusual for my age, but not unexpected given I've taken steroid eye drops. Will likely will need to get cateract surgery one day, since cataracts typically develop and worsen with age. Cataract surgery involves cuts to the eyes, and studies have shown many patients, after having the surgery, develop dry eyes, similar to LASIK. Given I already have dry eyes, I plan to avoid or hold off as long as I can from ever getting this surgery, as I'm assuming it will worsen my dryness.

          So you all are wise to limit your steroid eye drop use. Even steroids they say are safer to use, sometimes later on some side effect will be discovered and by then it's too late.

          Diet was key in helping me get the inflammation and bacteria in my system under control, and there are no side effects. I realize that does not work for everyone though.