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No DE symptoms and tears on my eyes two hours after taking Zithromax

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  • No DE symptoms and tears on my eyes two hours after taking Zithromax

    I took a 500 mg tablet of Zithromax. Two hours later all my DE symptoms had gone away and as started blinking I noticed tears coming out of my eyes. Zithromax is prescribed for infections caused by bacteria and it's active ingredient (as in Azasite and Azyter eye drops) is Azithromycin.

    I had been told I needed to be on Azasite or Azyter for an entire month so in the last couple of days I started using Azyter before going to bed. In the following morning I woke up with itching and burning that stayed with me for most of the day so today I stopped using it and got on Zithromax tablets.

    I took Salagen months ago but it never increased my tear secretion. This is the first time I see my eyes responding so quickly and so visibly to a DE medication but what does it mean? If I want to continue using Zithromax for long periods I imagine it will have to be in 100 mg tablets.

    I'd appreciate if anyone who's used it or is using it could share his/her experience.
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    Hi Ariel,

    How's it going with the oral Azithromycin? My opthamologist just prescribed a six day course for me. I had no luck with doxy or mino or topical Azithromycin (Azasite). We are just sort of experimenting with the oral Azithromycin. If it works we are not sure what kind of maintenance dose I'll need.

    An option may be to switch to clarithromycin which is also a macrolide antibiotic. It is sometimes used on a long term basis to treat rosacea.

    What is your doctor recommending?